Cena vs. Undertaker The Current Plan For 'Wrestlemania 32'?

WWE News: John Cena Vs The Undertaker The Current Plan For ‘WrestleMania 32’?

The WWE’s current plan heading into WrestleMania 32 is for John Cena to wrestle The Undertaker at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, according to PWInsider (via Wrestling News).

There have been reports for months that the company is looking to fill the 100,000-seat stadium in Arlington to capacity and will attempt to do so by having the biggest names and matches at the event. Therefore, having the current face of the company going against the longest-tenured active wrestler in WWE history would likely provide a big draw for company.

PWInsider’s initial report about this match was addressed by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer forum, Wrestling News writes. Meltzer wrote that he was informed that, as of Saturday morning, the plans for both Cena and Undertaker have changed. He added that, “Cena and Taker have different plans than that.”

Based on those comments, that would mean Cena and Undertaker are not wrestling, therefore making PWInsider’s report false. “One guy reports a story, the other gets told its false right away,” Meltzer wrote.

At this point, there is one source saying that Cena vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania will happen, and another source saying that it will not. Yet, the WWE is currently in a state of uncertainty with now former WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins injuring his knee. He is expected to miss six-to-nine months of action, likely causing him to miss WrestleMania 32.

Meltzer said: “There are Mania plans in place, but Seth’s injury changes at least two matches.”

If the WWE does go through with this match, it will be the first time that Cena and The Undertaker will wrestle at a WrestleMania. While both men have competed against each other in the past, their last encounter was nearly a decade ago on Monday Night RAW. Before that, Cena last wrestled The Undertaker in 2004.

The Inquisitr reported earlier this year that Cena was pushing for a match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32, so there have been rumblings about this match happening in the past.

Some of the superstars that are currently out of action of action is staggering. Rollins (knee), Randy Orton (shoulder), and Daniel Bryan (neck; concussions) are all currently sidelined and could all end up missing the biggest event of the year for WWE. That leaves the company without three of its most seasoned and popular performers. Therefore, WWE may have to rely on several of its part-timers to attract viewers.

Outside of a potential Cena vs. Undertaker match, The Rock vs. Triple H is currently penciled in for the event. The original plan was reportedly for Rollins to face Triple H, but the injury obviously put an end to those plans. Also, Roman Reigns is currently the “odds-on-favorite” to walk out of Survivor Series as the new WWE World Heavyweight champion. There will be a tournament at the event to determine a new champion.

Right now, Cena and Undertaker are as far away from each other on WWE television as possible. Cena is currently taking a break to film a television show and is expected to return in late-December. The Undertaker is currently scheduled to appear at Survivor Series, likely in a Survivor Series tag team match against The Wyatt Family. He’s rumored to team up with Kane and potentially Sting at the show.

But if the company decides to go through with this match, we are all on a collision-course to arguably one of the biggest matches in WrestleMania history.

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