Kate Middleton ‘Kind, Assured, Seems Like Real Person,’ Photo Of Prince George Museum Visit Emerges

Kate Middleton has spent the last few days meeting a variety of individuals from a whole host of charities, and it turns out that pretty much all of the people that she sat down with only had great things to say about the Duchess Of Cambridge.

Writing for the Evening Standard, Richard Godwin, who has spent the last few years working as a mentor with Chance UK, a charity that provides mentors to children that have behavioral issues, spoke glowingly about Kate Middleton.

On Tuesday, Kate Middleton visited Chance UK at Islington Town Hall, where she sat down and discussed at length how the charity helps mentors and individuals that need assistance.

Godwin wrote about how just the mere presence of Kate Middleton at the establishment resulted in the children, who are overseen by mentors, beaming with pride.

10-year-old Joshua Murray Campbell, who sat down and spoke with Kate Middleton, revealed that he was very nervous about meeting the Duchess, but insisted, “I think she was actually quite nice!” before adding that the entire day was “very exciting.”

[Photo by Ian Vogler – WPA Pool/Getty Images]
Godwin, who got to meet Kate Middleton alongside a group of former mentors with Chance UK, wrote about the Duchess in her piece, stating, “She’s kind and astute and actually seems like a real person, which can’t be easy, asking detailed questions about the programme: how did we find saying goodbye to the children we mentored after a year? Did we get enough support? She stressed the importance of reaching children young: ‘It’s where you want to make a difference,’ she says.”

A spokeswoman for Chance UK revealed that Kate Middleton had spoken to her about research that she had conducted herself regarding the importance of the charity.

The spokeswoman explained, “From the Duchess’s own research, meetings and visits to a number of charities over the last couple of years, one message has always stood out to her: that early intervention support for children can dramatically change the trajectory or likelihood of poor life chances further down the line.”

Kate Middleton’s appearance and discussions with Chance UK were just part of a rather hectic week for the Duchess. On Monday, Kate Middleton visited BAFTA in Central London and met a number of institutions as part of a charities forum, while also taking part in an animation workshop.

She then followed this up with an appearance at the world premiere of Spectre. At both events, Kate Middleton was joined by her husband, Prince William, as well as her brother-in-law, Prince Harry.

On Wednesday evening, Kate Middleton then made an appearance at the Victoria And Albert Museum to celebrate the work of 100 Women In Hedge Funds. During her visit to Chance UK, Kate Middleton also admitted that she’d taken Prince George on an impromptu trip to the Natural History Museum.

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However, as the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, she also revealed that her eldest child, and the third in line to the heir of the British monarchy, was actually more interested in pigeons than the dinosaurs.

An alleged image of Prince George and Kate Middleton at the Natural History Museum has now emerged, which shows the Duchess and her son enjoying the exhibits.

An eyewitness to the pair’s exploits at the museum, Rimi Rahman, told People, via Hello Magazine, “She was holding George’s hand, showing him around and talking to one of the people who worked there. People didn’t really notice her at all. They went all around the dinosaur gallery – George looked so cute and little, his hair, is so nice. He looked so happy.”

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