Kendra Wilkinson was seen out at a party and ignored all questions about her divorce rumors.

Kendra Wilkinson Ignores Questions About Hank — Are Divorce Rumors True?

Kendra Wilkinson had every chance to squash the incessant rumors about an imminent divorce from husband Hank Baskett while at a Maxim Halloween party, but she completely ignored those chances.

As TMZ reports, Kendra Wilkinson was seen without her spouse at the weekend bash. This, of course, caused quite a few questions to surface.

Kendra and Hank got married in 2009 and have been on reality shows (Kendra at first, and now Kendra On Top) for essentially the entire time. As if being a married celebrity doesn’t have enough challenges, the stress of a marriage being documented for the entire world to see can make things even more difficult. When you have the added drama of any reality television program and the blurred lines between what is genuine and what is just for show, people are bound to start rumors.