X Factor founder Simon Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Silverman

‘X Factor’ Ghost: Simon Spooked Or Halloween Hoax? Plus Caroline Flack’s Nipples Upstage Her – Again!

While The X Factor had viewers fangirling over One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson on Saturday, it seems a ghost spooked poor Simon Cowell in the middle of a performance by Anton Stephans. The ghost was more popular on Twitter than X Factor! Twitter was also aghast at the upstaging of Caroline Flack by her own nipples (and a bit of tape). Oh, the horrors.

Simon, joined by Tomlinson, filmed their part of The X Factor Judges’ Houses at the Chateau de Candes in Candes-Saint-Martin, a chateau in the Loire Valley of France. The owner has previously admitted to some spooky activity at the castle and Simon and his girlfriend both believe they indeed saw a ghost. Simon didn’t hesitate one bit about his belief.

“I know it’s haunted. I saw it.”

Daily Express reported that when the segment was filmed earlier in the week, a window that was bolted shut flew open and the television monitors shut themselves off and on at the same time the ghost appeared. Creepy! The X Factor crew was terrified and Cowell, 56, yelled out, “Sorry, I think I just saw a ghost!” His girlfriend and mother of his son, Lauren Silverman, 38, said that she “felt a presence” and was frightened after it happened.

The owner of the castle where X Factor segment was filmed, Monique Pignet, told Metro UK that last year a Russian guest also felt the strong presence of a male spirit and said it was in the tower.

“So it is true to say our place is haunted.”

From the looks of this ghost, he’s not a very scary poltergeist but he was bad enough to scare the wits out of some people. Even the host of The X Factor companion show, Xtra Factor, got spooked enough that she refused to stay there alone. Rochelle Humes insisted that her makeup artist sleep in the room with her.

Viewers on Twitter seem to think the ghost sighting is nothing more than a Halloween stunt by the X Factor family. An “XFactorGhost” account has even popped up. Many tweets compared the ghost to various people, including the kooky neighbor from Friends, Mr. Heckles. He also resembled Doc Brown from Back to the Future, according to some X Factor fans.