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Lil Phat Dead: 19-Year-Old Rapper Killed In Shooting

lil phat shooting

Lil Phat, a 19-year-old rapper with Trill Entertainment, was shot to death on Thursday night outside of a hospital in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Lil Phat, real name Melvin Vernell III, was shot multiple times while sitting in his car next to next to Northside Hospital Woman’s Center.

Police are currently seeking two suspects who were seen fleeing from the scene.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the shooting occurred at about 6:30 last night.

Lil Phat was taken to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Webbie wrote on Twitter:

“RIP to my Lil Brother Phat! Life so F**ked Up! Trill 4 Life! You stupid bitches think death a joke until you lose somebody you love! #RIPLILPHAT.”

MTV reports that Lil Phat burst onto the scene in 2008 when he guested on Webbie’s hit single “Independent.” In 2010, Phat and Webbie released Trill 4 Life.

Hip Hop DX reports that a shooting occurred at one of Lil Phat’s concerts back in 2011. Two of the rapper’s associates were arrested for attempted murder and second degree assault.

Here’s “Count My Money Backwards” by Webbie and Lil Phat.

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30 Responses to “Lil Phat Dead: 19-Year-Old Rapper Killed In Shooting”

  1. Russell Dyess

    When you make a living at glorifying all of lifes basest activities, it's isn't hard to imagine that the lifestyle you endorse will sneak up behind you and empty a clip. Defending lyrics filled with misogynistic views on women, tales of criminal exploits, and your bling, by claiming to be letting the world know the truth about the ghetto is just absurd. 20 years after NWA I believe we all know what goes on in the ghetto. So why don't you try changing the place. Invest the millions you make in playgrounds and bettering inner city schools. Instead of being a thug, try being a role model.

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Anonymous

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  4. Dony Jackson

    last time black people tried that they were killed and/or criminalized homie. The black panthers, vice lords, malcom x, mlk, to name a few. Do your research man before you point fingers. Black people are purposely kept down by our government.

  5. David Baxter

    @Dony Jackson yup. blame the governemt for your problems. it is as good excuse as any for failing in life

  6. Russell Dyess

    I have, and of all your examples the only one that is credible, and inspiring is Martin Luther King. The Black Panther did and still do endorse violence, and the same goes for Malcolm X. To even use Dr. King's message of love and equality in relation to a rapper shot to death by more than likely another black person is disgraceful. To claim you are held down by the man is hilarious, you know there is a Black man in the oval office right? The only thing holding you down is your self pity.

  7. Cody Rollins

    You aren't held down by government bro . Quit being ignorant . Your holding your own self down thinkin everyone else is trying to hold you down . Quit blaming other people for your own problems

  8. Anonymous

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  9. Macdonald Gay

    what Marie explained I'm shocked that someone able to profit $4171 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you look at this link makecash16.comONLY.

  10. Anonymous

    Dony Jackson, you are so wrong.
    There have been plenty of role models.
    Check out Alan West, Alan Keys, Herman Cain, the list goes on.
    When you work to support civilization, not tear it down, you gain respect.
    Disrespect others, in art or in real life, and you get disrespected right back.
    It's Karma.

  11. Shaun Steele

    You are right about all the above Russell, but I still love the music and for some reason all that misogynistic…ect…ect…sounds better being all rhymed together greasy like than anything white people can put out these days…so I still listen to it. Maybe they could change the subject material but the best ones….that's what they like to rap about. And remember peace and love did not put you here in the best country in the world today stop thinking 40 years back and start thinking 100 or 200 or 3 or 4. Blood on the tree of liberty and a bunch of dead indians did that so…that's the struggle and its a form of music that celebrates the struggle no matter what it is…I for one will always be a defender of rap under the first amendment…simply cuz I love it too much to see it go…now RandB we can have serious negotiations on…Young Jeezy telling me "let's get it"…got me through 2 jobs and college and xray school so I have a good job in healthcare…Lil Wayne talkin bout the good life inspired me to stick w hard things…so it can be used for the opposite of violence as well. The real problem is the egos and panties gettin wadded up out there….if someone blasts you on a track, and you're the rapper or whatever you claim to be…just write something that's hotter than what they put out there and you have won…no guns, no deaths, just fire music…and like lil wayne says…let it make all music better. And if you still feel like you g2 put a slug in someone…i have more respect for the winner of a good old fashioned duel that was able to aim pull the trigger and take his 10..then I will ever have for some man rollin down the street in a drive by. You don't scare me…i come from a Patton line of thinking…that's cowardice and have to face death and know your god decided you were important enough to stay…that's what war is about for all tryin to be thugs…

  12. Shaun Steele

    So I guess what I'm tryin to say to this guy that shot him or had him shot is…you don't impress me..i enjoy the way rappers rhyme words into similes and metaphors…but you're not a bada$$…George Patton was a bada$$…George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt and the Roose JR were bada$$…stonewall jackson and ulysses s grant and sherman were bada$$es…youre a coward in a car w a gun who may or may not be able to rhyme words into similes and metaphors well…and if this was the 1940's and you had been drafted into the US army to fight the Nazi's…a real group of ruffryders…you would probably be in a medical tent trying to get out of it and get slapped by a bada$$…and you probably wouldn't feel too bada$$ then…when patton was asked what do you think about the idea of rockets that can kill the enemy from far away and none of our troops need die…he said "and what take the honor out of warfare…the idea that the enemy has just as much chance as you to decide who's right…i'm glad I wont be around to see it…" you should try thinking about that before you load up next time. What's the use of an afterlife…when you have no honor to spend there…think on that…

  13. Shaun Steele

    And if you ever want to try something like Teddy Roosevelt Jr. and be a high ranking general that could've hid behind the desk, but decided H#$% he had a bad heart from smoking anyways…might as well go out kicking nazi a$$ on the beach in an amphibious assault and was the only general on the beach in the first wave of D-day…or like John Wood…a general who when his troops yellowed up when assaulting a nazi held town… picked up and gun and led the charge and shamed all those men in w him. That's bada$$ery. Problem w kids today is that theyre tought history is boring and rap is the pinnacle of bada$$ men w guns…those men are really called soldiers…and if the history books were written better w the stuff I have to spend lots of money at a bookstore to learn about…they would find them some real bada$$ role models right in school and these guys would understand how much of a joke they truly are and not try to fill shoes they should not even be looking at.

  14. Shaun Steele

    I want someone like Luda, Wiz, or Wayne, one of the big guys, to think on that and do some reading and make a song that basically paints clown makeup on all these so called tuff guys for all these kids out there…every little boy has the bada$$ w a gun fantasy…but if we do a better job than the schools do of pointing out some real ones and delve into our American History…i think we could give them some better role models to follow than the current status quo…lord knows schools are not going to take the time. big props to slick pulla who has already mentioned the name of greatness in some of his flows(Patton) lets show the kids who he was and what he stood for…and others…then you will have something new that doesn't involve…r-e-recycling.

  15. Ryan Carranza

    Dony Jackson … I know that Social Stratification is always against the black man, but I assure you that you can make something out of your life and not blame the government for every black persons sad story. Lets grow up a little bit shall we? I am Mexican. I know the struggles myself, but making excuses is useless.

  16. Josh Palmer

    thanks i didnt have to write all this u smashed the fuck out of these "thugs" who know nothing…still using the "MAN" bringing them down..the man is Barack now so stfu and lets see what excuse is next in there series of books of excuses that have endless sequels… pathetic pieces of garbage

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