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George W. Bush The Most Unpopular Living President

George W. Bush

With campaign season upon us we can all expect to hear a familiar theme to the rumblings coming out of the White House, but according to a CNN poll released Thursday, there might be a method to their madness. The theme…George W. Bush. Need someone to blame? Blame Bush. Economy in shambles? Blame Bush. Debt out of Control? Blame Bush. Well it seems as if the country is with him on that one, with more than half of the people saying they have a negative view of George W. Bush.

This makes George W. Bush the most unpopular President alive today.

According to the poll, just 43 percent of people questioned said they have a favorable opinion of Bush, while 54 percent said they view him unfavorably. Compare that with President Bill Clinton with more than 2/3 of the country holding a favorable view. Even Jimmy Carter is viewed favorably by more than 54 percent.

When bush first left office in 2009 his popularity had bottomed out in the low 20’s. In 2010, by contrast, his favorability had gone up to about 44% where it has held since then. Bush also is the President who most recently finished his term so he has not had the chance to be judged by history as of yet.

This is why you can expect President Obama to keep sounding the anti-Bush mantra this time around.

CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said,

“Don’t be surprised if the Obama campaign mentions the name of George W. Bush at every opportunity, and don’t be surprised if that strategy works, and the mention of Bush’s name appears to prompt at least a few people to take a more positive view of their current financial situation.”

Bush was on hand for an unveiling of his portrait that will be hung in the White house and his Texas humor came with him.

Bush Told Obama,

“that when you are wandering these halls as you wrestle with tough decisions, you will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, ‘What would George do?'”

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15 Responses to “George W. Bush The Most Unpopular Living President”

  1. Jill Alden

    What would George do? Then do JUST the opposite!

  2. Ruthie Thomas

    Boy thst's the truth. So many people hate Obama but look at the mess he was left. They hate him because of the economy that Bush left but the the major reason they hate him is black. People can say there not but they are racist real deep down inside they are. I don't agee with every thing he does. if the media would leave him but money talks.

  3. Van Allen Moore

    No doubt this poll depends upon the political leaning of those polled. There would have to be a tie for the most unpopular living President: Carter or Obama! Not Mr. Bush.

  4. Flint Keyes

    Just curious, if you pick up the phone and random call someone how does that demonstrate political leaning?

  5. Katherine Cloney

    You mean outsourcing Bin Laden was a clue.
    The weapon of mass destruction in Iraq was a clue?
    The unpaid Medicare Prescription Drug Program was a clue?
    The "A little deficit is good for the economy" was a clue?
    Katrina was a clue?
    The big housing bubble & Wall Street running amok that lead to the 2007 economic nose dive were your clues?
    Straight from the horse's mouth (or more appropriately, the other end, pardon me):
    Was this your BIGGEST CLUE?

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