Lance Stephenson Arrested Oct.08 – Charged with Sexual Abuse

Lance Stephenson who was arrested last October for groping and threatening a girl at his school, was charged last Wednesday with sexual abuse in a Brooklyn court.

Lance Stephenson was arrested along with his basketball teammate Darwin Ellis and an unnamed minor last October after a 17 year old female student at his school claimed to have been sexually assaulted. Stephenson has been charged with sexual abuse in the third degree, forcible touching, menacing and harassment after groping the girl’s breast and buttocks. The girl tried to fight back in self defense but was also told to shut up or they would “slap the hell” out of her the next time she attempted to defend herself by hitting him.

Stephenson, a promising basketball player, had to cancel an appearance at recruiting event at the University of Kansas because of his court appearances. It is rumored that Florida might be interested in him. He is currently rated NÂș 8 by ESPN.