Andrew De Leon Is America’s Susan Boyle [Video]

Dan Evon

Andrew De Leon’s performance last night on “America’s Got Talent” was… unexpected.

De Leon, whose Marilyn Manson-esque outfit drew a ‘what’s up Chris Angel’ remark from Nick Cannon, blew the judges away with a perfect opera piece.

De Leon said:

“Growing up, I was alienated because I was never interested in athletics or what everybody else in my family was interested in… Singing was always an escape. It was always a comfort zone.”

De Leon also told the judges that last night’s performance was the first time he’s ever sang in front of a crowd. Before last night, he had never sung in front of his parents or anyone else.

After the crowd gave De Leon a standing ovation, the surprised singer said:

“I’m just so used to being rejected, and I’m not really good at anything, so this is amazing,”

Stern, who poked fun at De Leon before he started singing, was bewildered by De Leon’s performance. Stern said:

“You’ve never performed in front of a big crowd like this? You must have had voice lessons? You what, practice in your room? You absolutely blew the roof off of this place.”

Osbourne and Mandel were equally impressed with De Leon’s performance.

Here’s the video of Andrew De Leon singing on “America’s Got Talent.”

This is the second inspiring and surprising performance on “America’s Got Talent” this week. Earlier this week, Timothy Michael Poe, an Afghanistan war veteran that developed a stutter after a head injury during the way, earned his own standing ovation with a Garth Brooks song.