Axl Rose Robbed of $200K Worth of Jewelry in France

Kim LaCapria

Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, learned an expensive lesson about traveling with valuables after an unfortunate incident in Paris this week.

Details about Axl Rose’s missing jewelry- believed to involve three necklaces valued together at more than many Americans’ homes at $200,000- are a bit scant at the moment. Several news sources say that it does not appear Rose “was wearing the necklaces at the time of the theft,” which seems to be a very central-to-the-case detail to discern when determining the facts of the crime.

Axl Rose’s three gold-and-diamond necklaces traveled with him, and the band, to France’s capital to perform at Bercy stadium, and the reported theft of six-figures worth of jewelry is said to have occurred sometime after the show, during a private gathering.

The sketchy tale of necklace theft is only one of a few unpleasant happenings to be associated with Guns N’ Roses current tour in recent days. As says, fans in the UK reported some less-than-satisfactory happenings at concerts during the band’s UK tour leg. The music mag explains:

“Guns N’ Roses completed their troubled UK arena tour on Friday (June 1), ending their run of shows on a sour note after being pelted with money and pint glasses.”

axl rose

The site continues:

“As well as this, the band have drawn intense criticism for their frequent late starts, often taking to the stage after 11pm… As previously reported by NME, fans who turned out for the gigs wearing clothes bearing the image of the band’s former guitarist [Slash] were turned away by security – and were only allowed in after removing the offending item of clothing.”

Police in Paris are investigating the theft of Axl Rose’s jewelry.