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George Zimmerman Donations Soar As He Heads Back To Jail

George Zimmerman lie detector test

George Zimmerman had his bond revoked this week when the judge overseeing his case declared that Zimmerman lied about having no money. Zimmerman at the time claimed he was indigent even though donations in the amount of $155,000 had been provided for his defense. Now the Zimmerman online defense fund has been receiving nearly $1,000 a day in donations.

The 28-year-old accused murderer of Trayvon Martin is currently confined to a Seminole County jail cell after surrendering himself on Sunday. Attorney Mark O’Mare has requested a new bond hearing for his client who was forced to come out of hiding to turn himself over to authorities.

According to his lawyer:

“It’s not again like they were trying to hide the money or leave with the money. They just had it… and felt like they needed to secure themselves.”

Zimmerman now has $193,000 in his defense fund while approximately $20,000 has been spent on living expenses including hotel rooms and security.

The court found last week that Zimmerman and his wife talked in code to cover up the fact that they had more than $150,000 in the bank. When Shelly Zimmerman said they had $8.60 in their bank she really meant $86,000

According to the transcript the conversation went as follows:

George Zimmerman: “In my account do I have at least $100?”

Shelly Zimmerman: “No.”

George Zimmerman: “How close am I?”

Shelly Zimmerman: “$8. $8.60.”

George Zimmerman: “Really? So total everything how much are we looking at?”

Shelly Zimmerman: “Like $155.”

That $155 translated to $155,000.

Zimmerman will now wait to see if his bail is once again set or if he will spend up to two years in jail since he recently waived his right to a speedy trial.

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5 Responses to “George Zimmerman Donations Soar As He Heads Back To Jail”

  1. Robert Fisher

    Truthfully Zimmerman belongs behind bars he was given the chance to enjoy his freedom the freedom he stole from Trayvon now he wants a judge to believe some BS his attorney is going to compose completete with violins and laugh at the system again come on we aren't going to say what it would be like if it was a person of color but let this man be held accountable for his actions at least once because he doesn't understand what that means or is the judge like the rest of people charged with the difficult jobs scared to do the right things because what will be said now is the time to show everyone how blind justice really is.

  2. Dan Cerone

    The people who belong behind bars are the racists who have fanned the flames in an effort to gain something for themselves while adding to the misery of others. Those racists include Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama.

  3. Asthmatic needs emergency central A/C replacement

    Do you know what REALLY makes me sick about this child-killer? He gets over $100,000 donated to his defense fund and I can't raise the $2500 I need to replace my mold-filled air conditioner in our home that's caused me to be hospitalized twice and is also making my kids sick. We live in FL, too….I'm now asthmatic and need the a/c to breathe in this heat and humidity and no one donates to us. I lost my job because I was continually sick back in April and we don't have enough in our savings to cover the replacement and mold remediation – not covered by homeowners. I guess I have to go kill someone's unarmed child to get any help from strangers, huh? WTH is WRONG with people? Want to help us?

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