Will Triple H wrestle in NXT

WWE News: Triple H To Wrestle In NXT? ‘The Game’ Comments On The Chances Of Him Wrestling For WWE’s Alternate Brand

WWE’s developmental/alternate brand has become one of the hottest things in professional wrestling over the last year. So hot, that they’ll be running a show the Saturday before SummerSlam at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York for the next two years, due to the success of this past August’s show there.

NXT is the brainchild of WWE’s chief operating officer Paul Levesque, who is better known as Triple H. He has given the brand a much different feel than WWE’s main product, and has focused more on wrestling than silly, over-the-top storylines, that, at the end of the day, don’t end up making much sense.

Some would say that the NXT product is much better than WWE’s main show RAW. Surely Triple H smiles when he hears fans giving his product a compliment like that, and the fact that “The Game” has been doing such a great job running NXT has WWE fans being optimistic about the future of WWE, as he’s the heir apparent to WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

Will Triple H wrestle in NXT

At this point in his career, Triple H only wrestles once a year, and it’s at WWE’s biggest event, WrestleMania. However, there is apparently some interest in seeing Triple H have a match in NXT.

Triple H was asked about the chances of him wrestling in NXT on Wednesday, and “The Game” shot down the possibility of it happening, saying that it would be a “inappropriate allocation of resources.”

WWE hasn’t been opposed to having names from the past wrestle for their developmental brand, as Rhyno has been an NXT regular for several months now. They’ve also sent down main-roster veterans like Tyson Kidd, which helped rejuvenate his WWE career.

However, WWE hasn’t yet sent a legend to NXT, and it doesn’t seem likely that they will. If someone the caliber of Triple H is willing and able to wrestle, they’ll probably want to do it on WWE’s biggest stage. Now, that’s not saying that it won’t happen, as you should never say never in wrestling. But, it’s likely that WWE would want to use big names from the past on their main show, rather than on their developmental show.

Four Horsewomen

One of the things that Triple H has focused on in NXT has been women’s wrestling, and the women’s division has been a huge success for the brand. Wednesday night was a perfect example of that, as Sasha Banks and Bayley had a great, 30-minute Iron Woman match for the NXT Women’s Championship, which Bayley ended up winning.

So, with the success of the NXT women’s division in mind, a fan on Twitter asked Triple H if there’s any other division that he’d like to focus on, and he answered by saying that he would like to establish and build a successful cruiserweight division in NXT, much like WCW did in the mid-90’s.

WWE has never really been able to create a successful cruiserweight division. Every time they’ve tried, they’ve failed. So, if Triple H does in fact bring in some cruiserweights, and attempts to build a division, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. If he does, that would mean that NXT would likely have to create a Cruiserweight Championship, which may end up being the new hottest thing in NXT.

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