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Breast Implants Make Sex More Enjoyable For Women, Survey Says

Breast implants are a controversial appearance modification in many ways, due to the fact that while they can certainly boost a woman’s confidence, they also come at a cost- not just a price tag ranging into the five figures, but also the ordeal of undergoing a fairly major surgery to enhance one’s appearance and more to the point, conform to a very rigid beauty ideal.

It’s difficult to form a really feminist perspective or even necessarily an intuitively healthy one when it comes to breast implants- on one hand, it’s tempting to feel that women should work to accept the bodies they were born with rather than go chasing a single specific look to the extreme of employing a scalpel to do so. On the other, part of true female liberation is total agency over one’s body, and if breast implants truly enhance one’s happiness as well as bustline, how do you not think, “go for it?”

It seems the latter side got another checkbox tick when it comes to a woman’s self-worth and breast implants (but again, this kind of goes back to whether that’s ideal for us at all), in a small and unscientific survey of women who have undergone breast augmentation survey.

Quoted by the Daily Mail, the survey indicates that women with breast implants may enjoy sex somewhat more than their unaugmented counterparts.

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