WWE News: Backstage Update On WWE Reportedly Punishing Paige, Is She Losing Her Push?

The WWE put a jolt of lightning into the Divas Revolution a few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw. Team PCB was disbanded, so the WWE Universe thought, as Paige told off her Charlotte and Becky Lynch. She didn’t stop there, as Paige talked poorly about Nikki Bella, Natalya, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, and the rest of the WWE Divas. Clearly, this was a plan to build Paige up and have her face Charlotte at a future show.

WWE fans thought that Paige turned away from team PCB at WWE Raw. It confused a lot of fans, because she teamed up with Charlotte and Lynch the next week. Of course, Paige left the match early after becoming frustrated. Natalya came out to the ring last week to confront Paige. While trying to insert herself in the match, Paige took out Natalya, causing a feud to spawn.

Paige Natalya WWE

This past episode on WWE Raw, Natalya submitted Paige cleanly. One of the hottest-Divas in the WWE lost in a clean way to a wrestler that just returned two weeks ago. That’s not a shot at the talent in the ring, but Natalya just came back and Paige just landed a huge “pipebomb” two weeks prior to that. Paige’s loss may lead to something more.

According to Ringside News and Wrestling Observer Radio, Paige’s loss to Natalya could be the result of a punishment backstage by WWE officials.

“It was mentioned on a recent installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that ‘something happened with Paige’ because she’s been taken out of title contention and was booked to lose by tap out in her match against Natayla. Paige is only a few weeks into her new heel character, and the clean tap is the sort of tactic that WWE uses to punish talent on television.”

“Meltzer said he doesn’t exactly know what she did and is going to look into it, but it sounds like she is being punished for something.”

Paige could’ve done something bad backstage and the WWE Universe could never know what it is, if it’s even a true statement. However, there are clues on WWE television that allow the fans to think she is being punished. First and foremost, immediately after her pipebomb, nothing else happened to develop the feud. She left the six-man tag-team match, but there wasn’t a promo or staredown.

Paige Pipebomb WWE

Second, the feud with Charlotte and Lynch didn’t have progression this past week on Monday Night Raw. Paige and Natalya had their match, which was highly-competitive and showcased technical wrestling. Then again, Pagie didn’t speak out about any other woman on the roster. It was as if her pipebomb never happened.

This situation is similar to Cesaro’s in the WWE. Apparently, they aren’t high on the former-United States champion, even though he’s one of the best talents on the roster. If there were a brand split, Cesaro would have his time on top. What makes Paige’s situation different is the fact that a “punishment” is being rumored at the moment.

What separated her was the promo she cut two weeks ago. Jim Ross commented on it and said it was “real and organic.”

“Loved Paige’s interview as it did not feel like it was recited from memory and from the pen of some writer who was channeling Paige with what he or she ‘thought’ Paige would say in the situation that she was in. Good stuff…organic and real. Show stealer.”

The WWE won’t admit anything, which is wise on their part. They won’t want to turn a story like Paige’s into a whirlwind throughout the WWE Universe. In just a few weeks, Paige’s story inside the WWE will be told. She was supposed to contend for Charlotte’s Divas championship soon. If she doesn’t, perhaps there is heat on the former-Divas champion.

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