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Mads Mikkelsen Cast As Hannibal Lecter In New Series

anthony hopkins

Playing Hannibal Lecter is a daunting task. Anthony Hopkins won his first Oscar playing the genius cannibalistic serial killer in Silence of the Lambs and the character has been at the center of several novels and films. Well, NBC believes it has found a man up to the challenge. Mads Mikkelsen has just been cast as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the new series, Hannibal.

Mikkelsen has been in the acting game for over two decades but American audiences didn’t truly take notice until he played Bond villain Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. Since his breakthrough role opposite Daniel Craig, Mikkelsen has appeared in Quantum of Solace, Clash of the Titans, The Three Muskateers, and The Hunt.

Hugh Dancy will star opposite Mikkelsen in the new show. Dancy will play FBI agent Will Graham. (Edward Norton played Will Graham opposite Anthony Hopkins in the movie Red Dragon.)

TV Guide reports that the show will be a “contemporary thriller” and will feature other characters from the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. The show won’t be a continuation of the Red Dragon movie, but will instead re-introduce the characters at the beginning of their relationship.

NBC has already ordered 13-episodes for Hannibal, which will debut mid-season.

Mikkelsen has a daunting task ahead of him but he definitely has the acting chops to handle the role. Mikkelsen was just awarded the best actor prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his work in The Hunt.

Here’s the trailer for The Hunt. (Contains brief male nudity.)

Do you think Mads Mikkelsen will be a good Hannibal Lecter?

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23 Responses to “Mads Mikkelsen Cast As Hannibal Lecter In New Series”

  1. Earl Van Winkle

    Linsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. Crazy! Saw a picture of Linsay next to Elizabeth and Linsay never had one feature are resemble Elizabeth Taylor at all. She look just like herself. And Elizabeth Taylor had a real pretty feminine voice. And Linsay Lohan has a low course voice that sounds rough. Like a smoker that smokes too much. Terrible voice for an actress. And to me there always has been something masculine about Linsay Lohan. Not very feminine girl at all. And wonder when she will come out of the closet for good. She already has lived with a skinny girl that looked like a boy. There is no way to make her a sexy woman. All the makeup and lighting in the world she still has that masculine looks and voice too. She more butch than she will ever be lady. And nothing wrong with that. But Hollywood should not be trying so hard to make her a sexpot. Ain"t never going to happen. Pure thief & white trash…

  2. Kevin Butler

    Edward Norton's a great actor, but the role of Will Graham couldn't have been done better than William Peterson did in "Manhunter". That movie can't be outdone either, buy any that followed.

  3. Ken Nelson

    Not sure how he could be in 'quantum' when he got shot in the head in casino royale. He only voiced le chiffe in the Q.o.S video game.

  4. Tabitha Loudon

    I honestly can't wait. Just saw the preview for his film The Hunt, an award for best actor at Cannes. We shall see…

  5. Bobbie Coleman

    I saw him in the dutch film Adam's aebler (Adams apples), it was a really unique and entertaining movie, he was great in that film.

  6. Jesse Ferguson

    well anyone can do better then hopkins that overactor couldn't play dead.

  7. Tamara Smith

    ZERO imagination by H'wood and the television industry. They can't come up with anything new and they keep going back to the re-tread mill and just re-do old series and movies. The last Lecter movie with Julianne Moore sucked; it was horrible. Do we really need to keep doing this? And if they're thinking that the success of Dexter will translate into a Lecter series copy they're dead wrong. Pardon the pun. Enough already!

  8. Anonymous

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  9. Carl Bilodeau

    Manhunter is my favorite out of all of the movies made about Lecter and Graham. And where is the love for Brian Cox as Lecter?

  10. Carl Bilodeau

    I hate to correct you mrblonde4432 and Nick, but you really should end your sentences with a period. 😉

  11. Bobbie Coleman

    Thanks for the correction, Nick and thank you Mrblonde for correcting Nick and thank you Carl for correcting them both. Now we've all learned something today. lol

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