WWE News: WWE Superstar Cesaro Not Being Pushed And In WWE’s ‘Doghouse?’

The WWE’s list of wrestlers they’ve underutilized isn’t high, but it has taken place. John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin are great examples of WWE superstars they didn’t use enough in the past. As for current wrestlers, Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway were two guys that shouldn’t have been let go. Sometimes the WWE officials that are in charge just don’t realize how big a male or female will get.

Amidst all of the former-WWE stars that were overlooked, there’s one man that still baffles many fans as to why he’s not in the main event on a consistent basis. Cesaro is that WWE superstar. Cesaro has had one of the best matches in the last five years. That was with Sami Zayn at NXT Arrival. Also, nobody can match his strength pound-for-pound.

Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn WWE

The amount of impressive moves Cesaro has performed are endless. His microphone skills aren’t the best, but he makes up for it with natural charisma and the ability to connect with the fans. Without even promoting this, a number of WWE fans printed out signs that said “Cesaro Section.” They would all be in the same part of the arena during WWE Raw or WWE Smackdown. Cesaro can connect with the fans.

Yet, the WWE won’t keep him in the main event picture, or on WWE television for that matter. Cesaro wasn’t on RAW last night, which baffled many WWE fans. Is there a reason for Cesaro’s sudden drop of production? According to E-Wrestling News and F4WOnline.com, Cesaro is not being used on WWE TV due to being in WWE’s “doghouse.”

F4WOnline.com is reporting that the WWE currently has no plans to push Cesaro anytime soon due to Cesaro reportedly [being] ‘in the doghouse’ with WWE Management.

Bryan Alvarez did not offer an explanation on this situation, but it had been rumored that Cesaro possibly got involved in an incident backstage.”

There is no truth to Cesaro being involved in a backstage incident, so don’t take that as the end of Cesaro’s career. A reason does not exist as to why Cesaro is not a WWE champion. He owns the look and the incredible wrestling skills. The WWE Universe isn’t the only ones who disagree with the way Cesaro is being booked.

Jim Ross, former WWE announcer, also spoke out about Cesaro and his ability to perform in the ring and outside of it as well.

“D**n, I’m a major fan of Cesaro and for the life of me still feel that he is massively underutilized. His in ring work/persona is [so] strong that he’s a main eventer waiting to explode. I’d still love to see him some day have a match with Lesnar just for my own old school enjoyment. Cesaro is money … so please cash the check.”

If Cesaro is money, then the WWE should be cashing in on that excitement, as well. The momentum he had a few months ago was buzz-worthy and created a rift inside the WWE Universe. He wanted to connect with the fans, so he did. In the last few weeks, Cesaro made appearances on Superstars and Main Event. While they are still promoted nicely, that’s not where the former-U.S. champion belongs.

Cesaro Section Sign WWE

This situation would be resolved if the WWE had a brand split in effect — Cesaro would help carry on the Smackdown name and probably be World Heavyweight champion. Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, and others would benefit from a brand split. Cesaro, however, is the ultimate babyface the WWE is in search for. If John Cena takes a lot of time off, this is the perfect time to help Cesaro stay in the main event.

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