Voice Wraps Up Blind Auditions

The Voice Recap: Blind Auditions Are Over — Who’ll Survive The Battle Rounds?

The Voice wrapped up its 9th season of blind auditions on Monday evening and there are definitely some talents to watch. After catching the final acts added to the show, it’s clear that the race for the finale just got that much more competitive.

It’s clear there are a few stand-outs that have what it takes to make it to the finale, but before they can sing for the Voice audience’s votes, they have to get past the Battle and Knockout Rounds. Up next for Season 9 Voice contestants is the Battle Rounds.

In the Battle Rounds, contestants from each of the four teams go head to head with teammates. While the other Voice coaches can offer feedback as to who did the best, it’s up to the contestants’ own coaches to decide which goes forward. Another coach can steal the singer for their team, but only a few talented artists will be rescued at this stage.

First, a prediction of artists likely to be so good, their coaches probably won’t risk eliminating them in the Battle Round.

From Monday night’s episode, there are a couple of last-minute additions that have real potential.

Sixteen-year-old Shelby Brown did a very impressive version of “Stars,” and demonstrated that despite her age, she has some impressive chops. Team Adam is possibly the most eclectic group on The Voice, but as far as powerful vocals go, she’s probably one of the strongest on her team. Also, she holds the advantage of being a “country girl.” How is that an advantage for Brown? Well, it’s no secret that Voice coach Adam Levine really wants to beat his friend and rival Blake Shelton with a country artist.

She’s probably his most solid chance to do that, and so Shelby will probably stick around.

Sydney Rhame was probably one of the best of the night, and that’s a good thing because she was lucky enough to get that final spot on the show. Pharrell turned down 15-year-old Caroline Burns because he said that there was already a singer with a voice similar to hers on his team. Fortunately for Rhame, her voice was unique enough and yet also good enough to be selected to progress on The Voice.

That type of good luck may serve her well in the Battle Rounds. There is a sensitive quality to her voice, and if she gets the right song, it will help her get to the Knockouts.

Going back a bit further in the competition, here are two other acts that will probably do well at this stage.

I think Evan McKeel is a very confident and versatile singer. An inexperienced Pharrell Williams has let talented musicians get away from him, and I believe that cost him a victory during Season 7 of The Voice. He knew better, and his team (via young Sawyer Fredericks) won Season 8. Pharrell was once again able to nab potential winners, including Evan.

I do think that McKeel has a chance to best his Voice Battle Round opponents provided he’s savvy about song choice. I wasn’t that impressed with his choice of “Typical” for his audition. Luckily, his Voice coach decided to get more out of him by getting him to sing Stevie Wonder. As someone who proclaims a love of soul music, this Voice hopeful would be best served choosing soulful songs that show off his range.

There’s a good chance that even if Pharrell lets Evan go, one of the coaches will move to steal. That impromptu “Overjoyed” performance no doubt left a strong impression on the other Voice judges.

Which artists do you think will survive the upcoming Battle Round? Share your picks below!

[Image Credit: Screen Grab From Official The Voice YouTube Channel]