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‘RHONJ’ Season 7 Details: Teresa Giudice Returns, Feuds With Kathy Wakile And More

RHONJ Season 7 will reportedly begin filming next month, and as production prepares to get underway, new details about the upcoming installment of the hit Bravo reality series have been revealed.

According to a new report, RHONJ Season 7 will include a number of returning housewives, including Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita, and Melissa Gorga. A source told Radar Online on October 5 that Giudice was paid $750,000 for the sixth season of the show, and wanted $1 million to return for RHONJ Season 7. However, Bravo refused to give her the massive paycheck, and reportedly agreed to a RHONJ Season 7 salary between $750,000 and $850,000.

As for the RHONJ Season 7 cast, the official group of women has yet to be named, but already, there is drama brewing between Giudice and her cousin, Kathy Wakile, who has appeared on the show since its third season. Radar Online‘s source alleged Giudice is refusing to film with Wakile due to her having called her father a “coward” and her mother a “liar.”

Although Giudice is reportedly picky about who she’ll be seen with on RHONJ Season 7, Radar Online‘s source revealed the mother of four is in need of allies on the show, and thus far, it doesn’t not look like any have been cast. Luckily, however, the source claimed Laurita has agreed to make up with Giudice ahead of RHONJ Season 7, and “play nice” throughout filming.

As fans have seen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for the last few years, Giudice and Gorga’s relationship has had its ups and downs, but with the two cast members in a much better place now that they were years ago, fans are sure to see more of their evolving friendship on RHONJ Season 7. In fact, Gorga has reportedly gotten a head start on filming after signing her contract in ahead of the series’ other stars.

“There’s no question Melissa will be back,” the source explained, adding Gorga recently filmed scenes for RHONJ Season 7 at her new boutique.

“They filmed it being converted from an a hair salon to a boutique. Joe Gorga is doing the construction,” the source explained. “Melissa had been borrowing free clothes from the boutique, so the woman approached her and asked her to be partner. The woman thought that this would help promote the business.”

According to Radar Online, Giudice, who has been with the show since Season 1, making her the only remaining official housewife on the series, is planning to show fans a “completely different” side of herself during RHONJ Season 7.

Although filming on RHONJ Season 7 will reportedly begin next month, Giudice won’t begin shooting scenes until after she’s released from prison. On January 5, Giudice began serving a 15-month prison term for crimes of bank and wife fraud, and on December 23, she will be granted an early release.

As Giudice served her time, her husband, Joe, and their four daughters filmed a special documentary for Bravo, which will air on Sunday night.

Following Giudice’s release from the Danbury (Connecticut) Federal Correctional Facility, her husband is expected to begin serving a 41-month term for the same crimes, which makes his role on RHONJ Season 7 fairly unlikely.

A premiere date for RHONJ Season 7 has yet to be announced, while The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In is set to begin on October 11 at 8 p.m. on Bravo. That same night, the husbands of Giudice and Gorga will appear together on Watch What Happens Live.

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