Anal Jewelry?

Anal Jewelry? I’m sure those two words are enough to make most normal people shudder, but apparently there’s a growing niche market for this stuff.

Understandably, we won’t be providing a photo of a model wearing anal jewelry here at the Inquisitr, but there’s a link at the end of this article [Very NSFW] for anyone curious enough to want to see the niche the product fills…

Robert Huse & Son, a company out of Springfield, OR, is offering a very unusual (to me, at least) product. Their Anal jewelry is available in a selection of colors and is described as “the most daring accessory you can wear.” Each piece of anal jewelry consists of a stainless plug with an interchangeable jeweled cap. The caps have Swarovski crystals embedded in a range of colors.

For those of you looking for something a little more daring, something that makes an even bigger statement of your keen fashion accessory sense, there’s even an optional horse tail that fits the same plug.

And of course, for those of you who are just not fulfilled by the visual stimulation that can be only achieved by a bejeweled butt, the cap unscrews to reveal a hole where standard vibrating banana plugs can be inserted for a little extra buzz.

Now I know you’re all yearning to fill the void because I can hear you whipping out your credit cards to pay the $100+ per plug that these guys are charging, so here’s the link.

[Source: Anal Jewelry(NSFW)]