Danica Patrick Gets The Worst Of Crash With Sam Hornish Jr.

Danica Patrick and Sam Hornish Jr. got tangled up again on track Saturday during the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Dover.

SB Nation reports that the two former Indy car drivers got together with 67 laps to go, and that Patrick’s car seemed to take the worst of the brunt. When Hornish Jr. got out of his car after a 13th place finished, he winced upon seeing the mass of reporters.

He immediately told reporters that:

“I don’t want to be here talking to you guys about having a problem with her,” he said resignedly. “I know that if that happens with Michael Annett or T.J. Bell, that we don’t stand here and have this conversation. It’s just like, ‘Man…’ I don’t want to have any problems with her. I don’t harness any ill will, you know?”

USA Today reports that Danica Patrick, when speaking about the incident, stated:

“We were all going gangbusters on the restart. The tires were so good, so you try and use them. I was racing the car in front of me (Sweet’s), and the car behind me (Hornish’s) is racing me.”

Patrick was careful not to place blame on any of the three drivers involved in the wreck, but did say on radio after the crash, “Shocker. Real shocker.” USA Today reports that Sam Hornish Jr. described the wreck by saying:

“Danica slid up off the bottom a little bit, I got underneath her to try to be able to get the pass done. I didn’t know there was another car on the outside of her. Now, in retrospect, I see why she was holding me down as far as she was.”

This is not the first time these two have been involved in an on-track incident either. Fox News reports that Hornish Jr. slid into Patrick after blowing a tire at Talladega. Danica Patrick, thinking that he had purposefully run her into the wall, retaliated by intentionally crashing him on the cool-down lap. The former Indy car driver later called team owner Roger Penske to apologize.