Terrible Dance Moves Video Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Chances are that if you’ve ever been to a club of any kind you’ve probably seen at least one of these dance moves, if not all of them.

In a video posted by YouTube user jemdahunk, the young man proceeds to go through a series of unflattering dance moves that have seemed to consume clubs in the worst way possible.

In his description of the video he explains that the video is a “Tutorial on how to dance in the CLUB.”

Saying that “This is an INTERPRETATION of how BOYS, GIRLS and GAYS and LESBOS and ANIMALS dance in the club”.

Jemdahunk goes on to explain a few of his dance names that wouldn’t make sense to most people.

The Pok Pok is “the slut”
The Manyak is “the pervert”
The Kadiri is “the gross”

Jemdahunk is no stranger to posting tutorial videos on YouTube.

His expertise also include “How to Have The Best Profile Picture” sitting at 215,000 views, as well as “How to be a Professional Karoke” sitting at 50,000 views.

In light of the success that followed his “How to Dance in a Club” video, Jemdahunk has attempted to create a a few sequels to his success with a “How to Dance in a Club 2”, which is already sitting at over 520,000 views and features dances such as “the wall dancer” and a classic “the seaweed”.

Uploaded on May 21st, this video has already reached over 1.2 million views in only 12 days.

How do you feel about Jemdahunk’s dancing videos? Are they a pretty accurate portrayel of today’s Club dances?