Minivan Full Of Marijuana: Van Packed With Pot Gets Stopped [Video]

A minivan full of marijuana is making headlines on September 30. The below video, titled “This minivan packs a lot of pot” from Today, shows just how much marijuana the minivan contained when it was stopped in California on Monday morning. There was no hiding what the folks were transporting. As the rear hatch is lifted, officers and everyone could clearly see it was a van full of weed.

Via the Today video, lots of laughs can be heard about the minivan full of marijuana, along with Al Roker joking that the van of pot represented a weekend party at Carson Daly’s house. Natalie Morales quipped that there should be a trail of Cheetos soon to follow, because everyone knows that marijuana can produce the munchies.


“A couple of California sheriff’s deputies made a traffic stop Tuesday on a minivan so packed with marijuana that it was overflowing out the back. The driver and two passengers made a break for it, and one suspect is still on the run.”

While the minivan full of marijuana caused a lot of chuckles, not everyone responsible for the portable pot has been apprehended. The driver of the pot-mobile and two passengers made a run for it, but two were caught.


Talk about a truly “buzzworthy” story. Two men who were in the minivan full of marijuana were arrested by deputies for their role in riding in the vehicle packed with pot, reports CBS Local. At least one of the men arrested can be seen in the now-viral video from Today. Authorities are still seeking one man accused of moving the large load of weed that appeared fresh and green — stuffed to the hilt in the back of a minivan.

A Google Maps image points to the location in Sacramento near West Riego Road where the van was stopped. Instead of finding a carpool full of kids being transported to school, or some other innocent fare, the Sutter County Sheriff’s deputy who pulled over the van found it stuffed with weed. The deputy was near Pacific Avenue in Pleasant Grove when the minivan was pulled over in the traffic stop. Immediately upon being stopped, the three occupants knew they were in trouble with the law. That’s when all three men reportedly leaped out of the minivan full of marijuana and fled to nearby fields in order to hide. But apparently, they didn’t hide very well.

In due time, the authorities caught two of the three suspects and arrested them for driving and/or riding in a minivan that was packed from the floor to the ceiling with marijuana plants. More than one authority joined the Sutter County Sheriff deputy who initially pulled over the culprits in the search for the remaining suspects from the marijuana-mobile.

While illegal in some states, marijuana — at least in a medicinal form — is legal in others. And the stigma seems to be fading. Plenty of CEOs have admitted to smoking marijuana, reports Fortune‎, noting that medical marijuana is now legal in 23 states. Colorado is among the most progressive of states, especially helping parents who provide their children with cannabis oil to prevent seizures.

Certain aspects can be unexpectedly dangerous, however. A house exploded due to marijuana THC extraction, reports MyFox Detroit‎. And recently, there was a viral story about a big pack of marijuana that fell from the sky and crashed through a family’s carport, reports USA Today.

Folks can add the minivan stuffed with marijuana to the list of viral weed stories this week.

[Image via Today]