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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Aiden Faces Stefano, Chad Scrambles, And Caroline Worsens

The Necktie Killer is running rampant in Salem this fall on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers indicate that there is plenty more chaos on the way as Chad scrambles to prove he isn’t the one killing people around town, Caroline’s health deteriorates, and Aiden struggles to escape Stefano’s clutches. What’s coming up on Wednesday’s show?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Chad will put together a disguise to provide some cover as he seeks out an alibi. He is looking for the homeless man who was by the docks the night Serena died, but will he be able to find him?

At this point, many signs point to Chad as being behind Marlena’s attack as well as Paige and Serena’s deaths, though of course DOOL viewers know that the real culprit seems to be Ben. However, it seems it may take a bit yet for those in Salem to uncover this.

Elsewhere in Salem, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Caroline will be facing more health worries. We Love Soaps indicates that Caroline will have to be hospitalized during Wednesday’s show as her mental state declines even further. Just how far will the Brady matriarch decline this fall? Many fans are definitely worried about her.

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Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Caroline’s condition will bring forth a battle between Victor and Kayla. It seems they will have different ideas about how to handle Caroline’s condition. Apparently, Victor’s resources have an experimental drug available for treatment, but Kayla may not be on board with trying out the drug.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s episode, viewers will see more between Aiden and Stefano. DOOL fans now know that Aiden has been in cahoots with Stefano, and the engagement to Hope is all a part of the plan. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that in this episode, Aiden will end up owing Stefano in a major way.

Aiden has done a lot of work to satisfy Stefano’s demands, but it seems he will find that he is still in a difficult position. Just how far will Stefano push Aiden to get what he wants? There has been a lot of buzz that Aiden will be departing Salem in the weeks to come, so he may find he is simply not able to get out from under Stefano’s control.

Viewers know that Andre is hanging around town, and Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased that he will be making his presence known in a big way very soon. Teasers indicate that Will uncovers something about the murders in the October 8 show, and another death comes on October 9.

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In terms of the rest of this week, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Chad’s search for his alibi will continue on Thursday’s show while Paige’s funeral takes place on Friday. Heading into the following week, Victor will get some support from Roman in using the experimental drug on Caroline while Aiden formulates a new plan to free himself from Stefano’s control.

The show has teased that there are big storylines set to play out through the fall as the DOOL 50th anniversary comes in early November. Despite many departures coming in the next couple of months, there are additional big returns in the works as well.

At some point soon, Sami, Belle, and Shawn will be returning along with quite a few others. Will all of these returns be to bid farewell to some key Salem residents? Fans are afraid that might be the case. Viewers can’t wait to see it all play out this fall on Days of Our Lives as the Necktie Killer continues to wreak havoc and Salemites come together on multiple fronts.

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