Model, 18, Claims Drink Spiked At Justin Bieber Listening Party

Model Alleging Drink Spiked At Justin Bieber Party Changes Story, Accused Of Lying

Model Bailey Scarlett has been accused by several witnesses of falsely alleging that her drink was spiked at a studio listening party hosted by Justin Bieber, which was attended by members of his team, models, and others in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday.

The model’s story has also changed in part since sharing her drink spiking allegation to her Facebook on Monday, which she subsequently made private after receiving legal advice, according to her. The 18-year-old claimed her vision became “ridiculously blurred” and that she was “incoherent” after drinking a self-poured glass of vodka and lemonade at the studio then “doing a shot” with Justin Bieber.

While a Victoria police spokeswoman previously stated officers were called out to the alleged incident at the Ginger Recording Studios in Cremorne at 11 p.m. in response to a report of the alleged spiking, police spokeswoman Cath Allen confirmed Scarlett hadn’t yet filed an official report by Tuesday afternoon.

Despite this, Bailey gave a seemingly emotional interview to Australia’s A Current Affair television program on the Nine Network which aired on Tuesday, alleging she was “left in a gutter” after experiencing alleged physical symptoms from her alleged spiking.

“I basically just remember collapsing to the floor,” she told the interviewer, later alleging that she thought Bieber’s entourage slipped drugs into her drink. “My partner found me. I was unconscious and convulsing in the street in front of all his fans.”

“I can honestly say, 99.9 per cent sure, that there was something in my drink,” Scarlett alleged. “If anyone, it was his entourage.”

During the interview, which contained tabloid-esque subliminals such as ominous music and a notable absence of the word “alleged,” Scarlett claimed Bieber carried her to an upstairs bathroom in the studio following the onset of her alleged reactions, the Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph report.

On the show the model alleged Bieber told her, “‘Oh, nah, she’s faking it, get her out of here,’ and jokingly said to everyone, ‘Oh, look she’s got Bieber fever,'” The Sydney Morning Herald writes.

However, on Facebook, Bailey did not say Bieber carried her, but claimed the superstar stood outside the bathroom and allegedly accused her of “faking” her claim and agreeing with his team that she was having a “panic attack,” after initially trying to calm her down.

The New Zealand-born model also told A Current Affair that Bieber personally called the ambulance and police to the studio following her alleged physical deterioration, Mail Online reports.

But on Facebook, Scarlett claimed her boyfriend, Tekauri Hurst, called the emergency services. Skeptics will likely view the model’s changed [alleged] recollections as an attempt to yoke Bieber into her claims. CCTV footage and phone records should be able to verify veracity, or not.

Alex McDonnell, who organized Bieber’s studio party told AAP, that Scarlett’s claims of being drugged are false and says the model is looking for publicity. “I guess she’s just trying to get her few minutes of fame,” McDonell said.

McDonell disputes Scarlett’s claim that she was left to fend to herself and claims party organisers helped her with transport after the alleged incident at the Ginger Recording Studio in Melbourne on Sunday.

McDonnell says the model may have drunk too much, then had a panic attack. “She started crying,” he told AAP. “She calmed down and afterwards I pretty much said, ‘look, you need to go home and sleep it off and we can always catch up another time.'”

“The next thing we know police have been called and now she’s got her name on social media and in the paper,” he added.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Bailey Scarlett as seen in a modelling shot)

McDonell says Scarlett’s version of events will be disproved and views her appearance on A Current Affair cynically. “I would be very surprised if she’s not getting money out of all this stuff. The police will clearly see that no one spiked her drink which will eventually mean she’ll have to do an apology and she can feel like an idiot.”

McDonell also praised Bieber, who, he said, showed concern for Scarlett’s welfare at the studio.

Ginger Studio owner Jimi Wyatt told AAP the studio’s CCTV footage reveals no-one touched Scarlett’s drink and that it was always visible to cameras. In addition, witnesses at the studio party claim Scarlett was just drunk and couldn’t handle her liquor.

Pily Vargas, 21, told AAP. “She [Scarlett] was definitely very drunk, she fell a couple of times, she should have exited at that point.” Ms. Vargas also said other girls made statements to the police which refuted Bailey’s allegations.

“She was trying to get (Bieber’s) attention all night, trying to take his hat. He wanted his hat back and she thought he was high-fiving her. Straight after that she started having this panic attack. We all exited the room so she could calm down and she did calm down,” Ms. Vargas added.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Kate Dunham, Justin Bieber, and Estelle Foudoulis posed for a group selfie at the Melbourne studio on September 27)

Meanwhile, Melbourne-based Kate Dunham, who also attended Bieber’s studio session, wrote scathingly about Scarlett in a comment at her Instagram picture of herself, Bieber, and a pal which was taken at the party.

She wrote, “Sorry guys!! It’s a shame the night was ruined, we were having so much and it was all so light hearted. Why ruin it for a few seconds of fame, she should be ashamed of herself #enoughsaid now can we discuss what’s coming from him and how we got to watch him record [sic].”

Dunham told Daily Mail Australia that Scarlett appeared “upset but fine” about an hour after complaining that she didn’t feel right.

Similarly, Estelle Foudoulis, who was also at the Melbourne studio, and posed in a snap with Dunham and Bieber, wrote a message at Scarlett’s Facebook post when it was public (view screenshot here). In one of her comments she claimed Scarlett “seemed totally fine.”

For her part, Scarlett maintains her alleged experience at the studio led to “a really scary, scary feeling” and told A Current Affair that she was angry Bieber and his team suggested she had a “panic attack.”

“For them to call it a panic attack is just a joke,” she went on, although she says she isn’t blaming Bieber for her alleged spiking.

Scarlett made extraordinary claims [detailed here] about alleged conversations she had with ambulance paramedics on route to St. Vincent’s Hospital, after allegedly becoming unconscious and convulsing in the street when she left the studio through the front exit. She claims she had to be held up by some of Bieber’s waiting fans.

The model also claims medical staff at St. Vincent and the Royal Melbourne Hospital refused to give her a drug test. She alleges hospital staff at both sites said they “see this all the time” and that she was advised to “sleep it off.” These claims — which she shared on Facebook — have been widely scoffed at in reports. The hospitals haven’t commented as yet. No other attendee at Bieber’s listening party has complained of alleged drink spiking.

The U.K. men’s site Heavy noted Scarlett posted a mash-up of Bieber on her Facebook last year which she captioned “And this is why I hate Justin Bieber.” However, it’s a viral prank that’s been shared by millions, so reading anything into Scarlett posting it is speculative.

Bieber and his team have moved on to New Zealand, where the singer is playing an acoustic show, after playing two well-received shows in Melbourne and Sydney to promote his worldwide smash single “What Do You Mean?” and upcoming new album during a short visit to Australia.

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