Juliet Angus

What Is It About ‘Ladies Of London’ Juliet Angus That Annoys Fans?

Ladies of London fans are a loyal, rabid bunch, but Juliet Angus is making it difficult embrace her. In the three episodes this year, she has now had conflict with Marissa Hermer, Caroline and Sophie Stanbury, and most recently, Annabelle Neilson and Julie Montagu. If she throws Caroline Fleming under the bus, she will have alienated the entire cast.

The Inquisitr reported that the first and biggest drama was between Juliet and Marissa, leading to the end of their friendship, which started when the two Americans became close based on being foreigners in London. The final straw there was when Juliet traded up and asked Caroline Stanbury to throw her a birthday party/Thanksgiving dinner, leaving Marissa holding the bag after being asked to throw the same party, but at her restaurant, Bumpkin. Juliet’s husband suggested that she ask Marissa to tea and make amends, but she blew that too, and the ladies agreed to be civil.