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Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Cathriona White Commits Suicide

Jim Carrey’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Cathriona White has allegedly committed suicide. According to TMZ, White left a suicide note of sorts on Twitter before she was found dead.

The tweet reads, “Signing off Twitter, I hope I have been a light to my nearest and dearest.”

The LAPD was called into the area on Monday night, when two of her friends went in to check on her and discovered Cathriona Whites’ body. It’s said that in addition to the tweet, White left a note to actor Jim Carrey, who she was dating on and off since 2012. In the note, she referenced their recent break up, which happened on September 24.

Cathriona’s body was found next to pills. As for her relationship with actor Jim Carrey, she met the 53-year-old back in 2012. The pair dated for a few months and then split up. That said, the pair started up again in May before pulling the plug on their relationship on September 24.

When the two started up their relationship again, a source told Us Weekly that the two were “having a great time now.” Carrey did make mention of her after their first break up via Irish Independent.

At the time, the actor said, “I did go out with an Irish girl. We’re not seeing each other anymore, but she is lovely.”

Catherine White dead
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Prior to their break up, Jim Carrey posted photos taken by Cathriona on his personal Twitter. His last post was on September 16, and he hasn’t publicly released a statement about his ex-girlfriend’s death.

Although it’s not known if Cathriona suffered from depression, Carrey has been very open with his own demons and overcoming his own depression. He first opened up on this topic when he was promoting his 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, as he took on the role of Joel, a reclusive, melancholy man who is grappling with his girlfriend having a procedure to erase himself from her memory.

He first opened up in 2004 in an interview with 60 minutes. At the time, he described his depression as peaks and valleys.

“There are peaks, there are valleys. But they’re all kind of carved and smoothed out, and it feels like a low level of despair you live in. Where you’re not getting any answers, but you’re living OK. And you can smile at the office. You know? But it’s a low level of despair. You know?”

Since then, he has been vocal about his depression. Back in 2008, he told Larry King Live, about his thoughts on self-medicating.

“You know at the risk of like opening up the whole Tom Cruise Prozac argument, you know, I don’t disagree in many ways. I think Prozac and things like that are very valuable to people for short periods of time. But I believe if you’re on them for an extended period of time, you never get to the problem. You never get to see what the problem is, because everything is just kind of OK. And so, you don’t deal. And people deal when they get desperate.”

Carrey went on to say that he takes supplements to deal with his depression. In the past, he also said that he tries to live in the moment and live for the “now.” He also contributes his healing with being his authentic self and spirituality.

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