MTV Star Adam Lind Accused Of More Custody Lies, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Still Just Visiting?

Lindsay Cronin

Is MTV star Adam Lind lying to fans in an attempt to look like a good parent? According to a new Instagram post, the Teen Mom 2 star claimed to be vying for shared custody of his oldest daughter, Aubree, but a source recently shot his claims down, alleging the MTV star has done nothing to make it happen.

“[Adam Lind] hasn’t filed papers or anything,” a source told Radar Online of the MTV star on September 29. “Chelsea still has full custody, and [Adam Lind] has visits every other weekend, like it’s always been. Adam is just saying he wants custody again for attention. He wants to look like a good dad to fans.”

As fans have seen on the show, the MTV star has been required to spend time with his daughter, Aubree, while his parents supervise the visits, and he was not allowed to drive with her in his car due to his past driving infringements, which include a number of DUI charges, as well as a reckless driving charge.

According to Radar Online‘s source, the MTV star’s ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Houska, wants her daughter to have stability in her life as her schedule begins to change. Weeks ago, the 6-year-old started kindergarten, and rather than change her custody agreement, Houska allegedly feels she should first adjust to her new routine.

One day prior, the MTV star was called out in a separate Radar Online report, in which a source claimed he was lying about sharing joint custody of his youngest daughter, Paislee.

“He doesn’t have 50/50 or full custody. Adam just thinks that visitation is custody in some sort of form,” the source said of the MTV star’s current situation with Taylor Halbur.

The MTV star seems to see his daughter often, at least judging by his Instagram account, and from what fans have seen on Teen Mom 2 Season 6, that isn’t all too surprising. After all, Halbur revealed she was open to working out a deal with Lind out of court. During a scene that aired on the show several weeks ago, Houska met with Halbur in hopes of teaming up against Lind, but unfortunately, their meeting didn’t go as planned, and Halbur didn’t seem interested in restricting her daughter Paislee’s visits with the MTV star.

Throughout the sixth season of the show, the MTV star hasn’t been painted in the best light. Most recently, Lind was seen failing to spend Father’s Day with his oldest daughter, Aubree. As Houska enjoyed a trip to her father’s cabin with her new boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, who recently moved in with her and Aubree, Lind was in Denver as his parents spent time with his child.

Upon Aubree’s return home to Houska, she revealed MTV star Lind didn’t even answer the phone for her when she attempted to call him twice. During the same scene, Aubree expressed her excitement in DeBoer living with her and her mother, and even said she wished Lind would act more like him. Aubree’s comment was her second odd statement regarding her relationship with Lind and DeBoer, the first being her telling her mother she wanted to start calling DeBoer dad once he moved in.

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