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Hines Ward Joins NBC Sports

Hines Ward won’t be seen running down the field anytime soon, but he’ll still be pretty visible this NFL season. The former Pittsburgh Steeler has just joined NBC Sports and will work on Football Night in America on Sunday nights during the 2012/13 NFL season.

Sam Flood, executive producer, NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network, said:

“We think Hines is a perfect match for television because he brings with him a unique combination of charisma and football experience… He’s an opinionated personality who can draw upon his 14 years of experience, having excelled at the highest levels of the game. Just don’t expect him to dance.”

The Post-Gazette reports that Ward will appear on several NBC shows. He will contribute to Football Night In America,Sports Talk and will do commentary for college football.

Ward said:

“I am really excited. It’s not everyday that you get the chance to work for a powerhouse like the NBC Sports Group. It is a big honor for me and I am looking forward to making the most of this great opportunity.”

USA Today reports that Ward was named to the Pro Bowl four times during his 14 year career. He was also named the MVP in the 2006 Super Bowl. Recently, Ward became a popular reality show figure after he won Dancing With the Stars last year. (Another football player, Donald Drive, won this year.)

Do you think Hines Ward will make a good commentator?