Tamra Judge’s Son’s Fiancée Gets Into Heated Argument With ‘RHOC’ Viewer Who Accuse Her And Ryan Of Being Freeloaders

One of Tamra Judge’s storylines on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County is her adjusting to her new role as a grandmother and helping her son, Ryan Vieth, and his fiancée, Sarah Rodriguez, settle into life as a family. As viewers of the show saw last season, Ryan got engaged to Sarah, whom he met on Instagram, after about two months of dating. The couple are now raising a baby, Tamra’s first grandchild, as well as Sarah’s three children from previous relationships.

Recent episodes have shown Vieth as overwhelmed and stressed out over his life. One episode also showed Tamra Judge and her husband, Eddie Judge, getting into a bit of an argument over Tamra supporting Ryan and his new family. Over dinner in a restaurant, Tamra confessed to Eddie that she gave Ryan $8,000 so that he and Sarah could move into their new place in Orange County. Eddie immediately told Tamra that she should not have done that and that the $8,000 needs to be considered a loan. Eddie pointedly told Tamra that he’s not working hard in order to support a grown man and his family.

Not surprisingly, some of the show’s viewers don’t have a good impression of Ryan and Sarah. Sarah even recnetly got into a heated back and forth argument with a viewer who accused her and Ryan of freeloading off of Tamra.

On Sunday, Tamra posted a photo of Ryan, Sarah and their baby daughter, Ava, to her Instagram account. Tamra, who has made it clear that she doesn’t like Ryan’s long beard, expressed exasperation over him not wanting to shave off his beard until his 30th birthday in December. Tamra asked Sarah how she deals with Ryan’s beard.


Tamra’s lighthearted post took a dramatic turn when a viewer commented that Ryan should have never started a relationship with Sarah and said that he made a mistake. When Sarah asked the viewer why she held that opinion, the viewer responded that Ryan should have slowed down in his relationship with her or dated someone else completely. The viewer continued, stating that going from being single to having things handed to him and then suddenly being responsible for five other people, as well as planning a wedding, was a lot of stress.

After another person chimed in to say that Ryan and Sarah are living off of Tamra’s money, the viewer asked Sarah what she did to provide for her family. Sarah assured the viewer that both she and Ryan have well-paying jobs.

“Ryan and I both have well paying jobs. Thank you for your concern!!”

Sarah added that she has “never been one to sit [on her] a**.”

The viewer continued to insult Sarah, repeatedly asking her what she does. Sarah didn’t answer the question, explaining that she didn’t want to say where she works in order to avoid potential harassment and adding that everyone knows what she does.

Sarah recently posted a photo of one of her daughters sitting at her office desk. Sarah’s Instagram page shows that she has an online boutique through MK Collab.


In July, it was reported that Ryan Vieth was arrested for domestic violence against Sarah Rodriguez. As the Inquisitr reported, Tamra Judge defended Ryan in a lengthy Instagram post. Tamra wrote that everything was dismissed and Ryan wasn’t charged. She added that there was no violence, nor injuries, and that there are always two sides to every story.

After Monday night’s episode aired, in response to one viewer who told Tamra to be careful that she doesn’t let her relationship with Ryan affect her marriage to Eddie, Tamra replied that her marriage was not affected. During Tamra’s marriage to Simon Barney, Ryan’s bad relationship with Simon was something they argued about.

In response to another The Real Housewives of Orange County viewer, who said that she felt sorry for Ryan Vieth, since he rushed into having a big family with Sarah Rodriguez, Tamra Judge said that she was confident Ryan will find his way. Tamra pointed out that Ryan was going through a big transition in his life right now.

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