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Hooked on Red Bull? Its been banned in parts of Germany for containing Cocaine


Any regular drinker of Red Bull knows that the stuff is addictive, but apparently it’s not just the caffeine that’s causing addiction.

Authorities in the German states of Hesse and North-Rhine Westphalia have banned Red Bull Cola (a cola flavored version of Red Bull) after testing found that one ingredient not disclosed on the side of the can was cocaine.

Unfortunately for people looking for a legal high, the amount of cocaine is so small that it doesn’t pose any health risk (well, as long as you don’t drink two dozen a day), but likewise is not a permitted ingredient under local law.

According to local reports, the cocaine comes from a process of de-cocainized extract of coca leaf in the drink, which despite its name, doesn’t actually take all the cocaine out. The process also means that Red Bull Cola has to be classified as a narcotic and needs a special license for sale.

Red Bull protested the decision, saying that Red Bull Cola had been deemed safe by the EU and the United States, and that it’s not as though anyone is getting high of the cocaine in each can. No, as most people know, you need to add Vodka for that to happen :-)

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26 Responses to “Hooked on Red Bull? Its been banned in parts of Germany for containing Cocaine”

  1. Sharon Kaye

    Most folks have no idea what are the ingredients in their energy drinks. No do they have any idea just how much caffeine they consume — because caffeine is in everything! Besides coffee and energy drinks, caffeine is in cold medicine, gum, candy bars and even potato chips! Ethic Soup blog has an excellent series of concise and informative articles on caffeine ( including “caffeine intoxication) at:

  2. Chris

    Seriously? You would expect something like this to happen in Cuba. Way to go Red bull for unintentionally intentionally harming your consumers like how it happens here Enjoy the withdrawal symptoms Germany.

  3. drewdisaster

    Germany's Federal Institute for Risk Assessment said Monday that the cocaine level was too low to pose a health risk. It planned to produce a more detailed report Wednesday.

    Red Bull said its cola is “harmless and marketable in both the U.S. and Europe.” It said similar coca leaf extracts are used worldwide as flavoring, and a test it commissioned itself found no cocaine traces.

  4. vanessa

    As was stated, read the text more carefully. It's not Red Bull itself, it's the Red Bull Cola flavored. Don't freak.

  5. Lauren

    Oh my god Chris, relax. Red Bull are not “intentionally harming” their customers. The amount contained is so small that it poses no health risk.,27574,25539509-1… states that 'Samples of the popular drink examined by the German food authorities were found to contain 0.4 micrograms of cocaine per litre.'

    Banning the products is just a stupid overreaction. It's not even 0.4 micrograms PER CAN it's per litre. And besides, if you cared about your health you probably wouldn't drink red bull cola, now would you? God. Everyone stop getting so hysterical and enjoy your cocaine!

  6. pearce

    before we pass judgments on cocaine and the stuff they put it into, I would like to see the whole German dental industry remove Novocaine from its list of drugs used in anesthetizing their patients as thats made in part from cocaine, for shame germany

  7. ALOHA

    red bull energy drink doesn't have any cocaine in it.
    you got your facts wrong.
    red bull energy drink isn't brown and doesn't even have any cocoa nut in it.

  8. Anonymous

    The color of a substance is not a good way to detect chemicals. The amount of cocaine added is likely so small it doesn't affect the color significantly. .4 micrograms of cocaine per litre equates to about 0.00000004%. This is the equivalent of adding a gram of Kool-Aid mix to an Olympic-size swimming pool. The color change would be nonexistent. Anyway, cocaine comes from the leaf, not the nut; you are the one who got your facts wrong. As a final note, cocaine in its chemical form is white, so your argument is completely invalid.

  9. doubtit

    i call bullshit. but i guess it must be true if its on the net

  10. dre

    red bull cola isn't an energy drink

    it's just a cola made by red bull, with less caffeine than diet coke.
    Also made with real sugar, which is neat.

    Try it, its delicious.

  11. Paul

    red bull cola tastes gross anyway… coca leaves dont have any narcotic side effects in their natural state. idk what germany is fussing about, peruvians drink freaking coca tea

  12. Paul

    they arent even talking about the energy drink either… they are talking about new “red bull cola” which is a cola drink made from 100% natural products.

  13. Anonymous.

    you like to watch gay porn.
    must be true if it's on the internet.

  14. me

    “Red Bull Cola” you writer hack. Your Editor has already sold their soul. Take some ground and get the facts straight.

  15. Crown

    Perhaps, like, dude, you´re like such an idiot. Why not read Lee's link above?

  16. MadMax

    Why add it at all? Ask yourself that. I don't buy the line that it's for flavoring, it must have an addictive quality, without the other effects, or else they wouldn't going out of thier way to add it (and then keep it off the list of ingrediants).

  17. Anonymous

    Misleading story title, the cola contains trace amounts of cocaine (.13 micrograms [there are 1 million micrograms in a gram, in case you don't understand the metric system]), not Red Bull itself.

  18. billy

    its coca leafs they didnt add the bad stuff thats in cocaine like gasoline coca leafs are harmless. they just give u energy.

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