Chained Boy Beaten: Young Boy Is Horrifically Beaten And Bullied In Viral Video

Chained Boy Beaten: Young Boy Is Horrifically Beaten, Burned With Cigarettes In Viral Video

A young boy has been chained down, beaten and bullied, as seen in a horrific video. Footage of the disturbing incident is going viral.

A two-minute video of the beating has been circulating around the Internet over the past few days, appearing on Facebook and also uploaded to the video-sharing site,

The video shows a disheveled young boy, who is tied up in chains and standing against a concrete wall. He is then attacked by an older person, one who appears to be a teenager. The assailant slaps and punches the boy while holding a cigarette, and when the boy ducked in an attempt to escape the blows, a second person attacked, stomping on the boy’s head.

The two then take turns beating the boy, who is cowering in fear, and the second attacker drops a lit cigarette into the boy’s shirt, causing him obvious pain.

Chained boy beaten in disturbing viral video

The original attacker then chased the boy around with another cigarette. He, eventually, was able to corner the terrified boy, and he repeatedly burned the boy while continuing to chase him around the room.

Chained boy beaten in disturbing video

The video ends as the chained boy is continued to be beaten and he cowers in fear.

Video of the chained boy being beaten caused outrage across Facebook and on Reddit, where it gained hundreds of votes and many angry comments.

But, details on the video were scarce. It circulated on Facebook and under the title, “Comete Tu Pedo Chillon,” which translates from a Spanish dialect to read, “Eat your fart.” Many pointed out that the video appeared to bear a watermark in Chinese.

The video appears to be at least a few weeks old. It appears to have been shared on the Mexican media site ES10 in early August, and then edited again this week in a call to find information about the identity of the boy or his attackers.

The video is reminiscent of another horrific case of child abuse from the United States. In 2014, a North Carolina man admitted that he beat and starved an 11-year-old boy, chaining him to the floor using a railroad tie.

The case was equally as horrific, the Associated Press noted.

“He was beaten and starved, forced to sleep on a floor chained to part of a railroad tie. His punishment was just as harsh: Dorian Harper twisted the boy’s fingers with pliers. When Harper believed the boy had killed a chicken, he handcuffed him by his ankle to a porch with the dead animal around his neck to “teach him a lesson,” prosecutors said.

Then Harper used his training as an emergency room nurse to treat — and hide — the injuries. And all of it took place in front of four children who lived in the same house.”

The video itself is also close to another disturbing case of child abuse. In July, video of a mother in Memphis abusing a newborn child circulated online. The video shows the woman in the midst of what appeared to be a psychotic episode, repeatedly kicking and throwing the helpless baby while another child cowered in fear.

The video was taken by a man identified as the child’s father, who himself was criticized for filming the video and not appearing to intervene.

Lily Moore, grandmother of the beaten baby, later told Fox 13 News that her daughter was suffering from a mental health crisis.

“Knowing my daughter, that was not my normal daughter.”

“She told me that he (the boy’s father) kicked the door in and it frightened her, and she had been off her meds for about nine months because she didn’t want to take anything to harm the baby.

Video of the chained boy being beaten can be seen here, but be warned that it contains footage some may find disturbing.

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