Man Shoots Self In Scrotum During Bizarre Meth Trip

A Washington man reportedly shot himself in the scrotum during a meth trip that had him hallucinating about Mexicans in trees, among other things. Raw Story reports that 51-year-old Martin Eugene Hoyer has been charged with a variety of crimes stemming from the bizarre incident.

The events reportedly unfolded on the evening of September 13, after the man had been on a meth binge lasting at least two days. The Yakima Herald reports that Wenatchee Police authorities were on the scene after he shot himself in the scrotum, but by then he had also terrorized at least one of his neighbors. He reportedly aimed into the neighbor’s home and pointed a firearm at her, accusing her of conspiring against him with the voices of others that he had heard coming from her apartment. He allegedly did this through her apartment window.

Hoyer was also hallucinating that a group of “Mexicans and white guys” were in the next room conspiring together to rob him. He told authorities that the voices were coming through an air vent that connected his home to his neighbor’s. This is why he believed that she was in on the hallucinatory plan. Things only get weirder from here.

The Washington man also claimed that Mexicans were in the trees around their apartments. He believed that they were planning to jump down on him from the trees so he could be robbed. At this time, he also allegedly heard more people trying to convince the woman next door to let them into her apartment so they could rob the man. He took it upon himself to attempt breaking into her apartment to “rescue her” from the Mexicans. However, when he raised his leg to kick in her apartment door, he accidentally shot himself in the scrotum — as he was keeping the revolver in his waistband.

Martin Eugene Hoyer has been charged with first-degree assault, felony harassment and at least four counts of unlawful possession of a firearm. He may also face charges associated with the use and possession of crystal meth.

This is far from the only incident in media headlines involving gun accidents and a person’s private parts. Earlier this year a 36-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the groin while attempting to holster his gun. The incident took place at a gun range of all places. In 2010 a police officer in the United Kingdom accidentally shot an innocent man in the scrotum with a 50,000 volt taser. Notorious mobster Al Capone also shot himself in the groin. In 1928 he was getting into his car after a game of golf with a friend. However, when he lifted his leg into the vehicle, his gun accidentally discharged, shooting him in both legs and his groin. Rapper Lil’ Wayne has also had a gun accident, in which he accidentally shot himself in the chest.

Most recently, a man in South Dakota accidentally shot himself in the groin. However, being a convicted felon, he knew he was not supposed to have possession of a firearm. That’s why Donald Anthony Watson concocted a story that a black man shot him while trying to rob him. Police saw through his facade and arrested him on charges of possession of a gun by a drug offender, false report of a crime and false report of information.

The Washington man who shot himself while hallucinating about Mexicans hasn’t spoken to the media yet, but that’s mostly because he remains jailed on the charges for which he’s been arrested. Meanwhile, his story is gaining attention on blogs and through social media, making him a bit of a criminal celebrity as well as a “say no to drugs” anecdote.

[Photo: Wenatchee Police mugshot]