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‘The Goonies’ Sequel Is ‘A Lock’ According To Actor Sean Astin, But There’s A Catch

It’s the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest movies of all time and a true iconic classic from the ’80s – The Goonies. The movie is still heralded by fans across the world and see as one of the best films to ever grace the large and small screen. Fans still want a sequel to be made and there have been rumors flying around about one for years, but will it ever happen? Mikey himself, actor Sean Astin, says it’s “a lock” to happen, but with one big catch.

It’s not a lock that Astin or any of the other originals from the film will be in the sequel to The Goonies and it is even’t even certain that one is happening.

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Ok, here is where the confusion kicks in.

Sean Astin is going to be making an appearance at the Wizard World Tulsa convention in October, and Tulsa World interviewed him about it. Not only did they talk about his appearance, but they asked the obvious question of whether a Goonies sequel will ever happen. That was when he dropped the proverbial bombshell.

“I have said and will always say, that it’s not a question of if, but rather of when the sequel gets made.”

Now, this is truly exciting news if the lead actor in the cult classic says that it is going to happen, but they simply need to determine when that will be. The only problem is that Astin actually knows even less than he initially let on.

The downside to all this talk of a sequel to The Goonies is that it’s still just talk. Astin really has no idea about anything concrete going on with a part two and he made sure to let the world know that bit as well.

“The precise makeup of it, I have no idea. Whether I will be in it, no idea. Whether they would even want the original cast in it, no idea.”

So, according to Sean Astin, The Goonies 2 could not have him or Chunk or Data or Mouth or Brand or anyone else from the first film in it. The film may not focus on any of the amazing things that happened in that movie and bring back none of the original gang?

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“Jeeerrrrrkkkkk Alert!”

It’s really hard to believe, after all this time, that if they’re going to make a sequel to the hit movie, that it will be without the original cast. Sure, they may not be able to get everyone back, but getting the majority back is more than worth shelling out the money to make a sequel.

Many would find it hard to believe that Steven Spielberg and Richard Donner would let a sequel to The Goonies happen if the gang isn’t in it. Astin said that it isn’t about the original cast though, but the history of the film that a sequel will happen because “people want to see it,” says Comicbook.

“It’s actually bigger than everybody. It’s bigger than even Steven (Spielberg), who created it. It’s bigger than Richard Donner, who breathed such strong life into it. It’s now a part of American cultural lore, and the studio has a lot to gain from promoting it, so you can take it to the bank that people will get to enjoy it more.”

Sean Astin has a point that no matter what happens, if a sequel to The Goonies is made, people will go and see it. Sure, they’d overall prefer to have the original cast in it, but just getting the film at all should be considered a victory. Now, it’s back to wondering if…when The Goonies 2 will happen.

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