Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Seeking Divorce From His Wife – It Could Be A Very Expensive Affair

Pink Floyd band member and veteran musician Roger Waters, is seeking divorce from his wife Laurie Durning. The two haven’t exactly been on cordial terms and appear to be living separately. Owing to the enormity of the careers involved, the divorce could get very expensive.

Bassist and co-lead vocalist of the iconic British music group Pink Floyd, Roger Waters may have split from his wife. The 72-year-old musician and rock-music icon had married Durning, a filmmaker, in 2012. However, the couple had been living together for 10 years before they officially tied in the knot.

According to Page Six, the estranged couple had been spending increasing amount of time apart from each other, indicating they may have already split. However, if the divorce proceedings are about to begin, they could very well take a long time, considering the illustrious career Waters had for many years and is still going strong, despite the performer being in his 70s.

Roger Waters Is Going Strong Despite Crossing 70
Roger Waters Is Going Strong Despite Crossing 70

Though the British rock group had officially broken up last year, Roger Waters had confirmed his decision to continue working in the music field. The veteran performer even confirmed that he planned to go on a tour next year. Despite being a close-knit band for a long time, Waters had become increasingly distant in the final years of Pink Floyd. He had famously walked away from Pink Floyd in 1985. The members were feuding over the band’s name and material. But it seems the group made amends and Waters reunited with band members Dave Gilmour and Nick Mason for performances in 2005 and 2011, reported ET Online.

The divorce comes at a critical juncture in Roger Waters’ life as the musician is extremely busy with multiple projects. While working on a solo album, Waters is also engaged in the promotion of his documentary, Roger Waters: The Wall.

The divorce proceedings could get mighty expensive. Roger Waters owns a beautiful and expansive 7,000-square-foot mansion at East 61st Street, which needless to say is one of the most coveted and exclusive neighborhoods. Apart from the $15 million invested in the house, Waters also co-owns a mansion in Bridgehampton, which the couple bought for $16.2 million. While these may seem expensive, experts estimate Roger Waters is worth at least $185 million.

The Divorce Proceedings Might Get Expensive For Roger Waters
The Divorce Proceedings Might Get Expensive For Roger Waters

Fortunately, it seems the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement when the couple married at their Hamptons home in 2012. While surprising his fans with his marriage announcement, Roger Waters had indicated on a radio show that they had completed the necessary legal formalities as well.

“Well, actually, I need to bring you up to date, because I just got married on Saturday to Laurie, she’s gorgeous. . . Yeah, I couldn’t be happier. We did [the prenup]. We’ve been living together for 10 years, I think we sort of know now that we like getting up together in the morning and going to bed at night.”

The legal battle Roger Waters had with Pink Floyd members might have caused some erosion in his wealth, but the artist is more than making up for it by performing live and belting out old classics to fans of the rock group.

Roger Waters has been experimenting and tweaking his The Wall concept, whose latest incarnation is a film that will be shown just once, but may appear on DVD. Besides, his world tour next year will undoubtedly be quite extensive, considering how famous Pink Floyd was and still is. But he has time-and-again mentioned that a Pink Floyd reunion isn’t on the horizon.

Do you think the divorce will have an impact on Roger Waters’ performances?

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