Man vandalized Taco Bell, but left a trail for police

Man Rams Pick-Up Into Taco Bell Over Missing Taco

I thought that by now it was universally understood that drive-thrus never get your order right. Too bad that didn’t stop a Huber Heights, Ohio man who was arrested for ramming his truck into the side of a Taco Bell after he discovered that the drive-thru employees shorted him one 99 cent taco.

Sgt. Chris Kash of the Huber Heights Police Department said that one Michael Smith went to a local Taco Bell with his girlfriend to grab a bite to eat. They went through the drive-thru, ordered their meal and actually left. He must have gotten all the way home, because when he discovered that he was missing a taco, he was so angry that he returned to the restaurant to chew out the employees.

Over THIS.