Man vandalized Taco Bell, but left a trail for police

Man Rams Pick-Up Into Taco Bell Over Missing Taco

I thought that by now it was universally understood that drive-thrus never get your order right. Too bad that didn’t stop a Huber Heights, Ohio man who was arrested for ramming his truck into the side of a Taco Bell after he discovered that the drive-thru employees shorted him one 99 cent taco.

Sgt. Chris Kash of the Huber Heights Police Department said that one Michael Smith went to a local Taco Bell with his girlfriend to grab a bite to eat. They went through the drive-thru, ordered their meal and actually left. He must have gotten all the way home, because when he discovered that he was missing a taco, he was so angry that he returned to the restaurant to chew out the employees.

Over THIS.

“He was already peeling his tires, being cute whatever he was on, and came through and got his food. We forgot a taco. We realized we forgot it,” Taco Bell employee Kristen Winans told WKEF-TV. “He was very sarcastic and rude.”

Winans said that she apologized to Smith and corrected his order. He snatched the lost taco from her hand and stormed out. Seconds later, he rammed his pick-up through the front entrance.

Smith sped away from the scene, but was tracked back to his home by police who followed a trail of fluids leaking from the truck. He only lives about 2 miles from the scene. When police confronted him, Smith admitted to driving his truck into the restaurant because he was mad that, “They messed up his order,” said Kash.

Smith was charged with felony vandalism.

“The damage he’s done to a business is vandalism, also, loss of business here and everything it’s going to take to replace,” Kash said. “This is a brand new store. They just built this and opened it maybe six months ago.”

The restaurant has already begun repairs.

Next time the drive-thru fudges your order, remember the story of Michael Smith, whose moral of the story ought to be, “It’s just not worth it.”