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Texas Waiter Gets $5000 Tip On $26 Bill

5000 tip

Greg Rubar, has been a waiter at D’Amico’s in Houston, Texas for more than 15-years, but last week, he received the biggest tip of his life. A generous couple left Rubar a $5000 tip on a $26 bill.

So what prompted the generous tip? According to the Daily Mail, the couple had learned that Rubar’s car had been destroyed in a storm and that he was having trouble commuting to and from work. The couple, who regularly visited the restaurant, decided to help Rubar out and give him a $5000 tip.

Rubar said:

“I wasn’t expecting this kind of money. I was shocked. I always talk to them… I’ve known them for eight years and I guess they just felt like helping me out. People can be generous. They told me I deserved it… It’s overwhelming to me.””

Rubar said that the couple, who wish to stay anonymous, were waiting for him at the restaurant sipping soup and drinking wine. When he arrived, the man came up to him and handed him an envelope, saying: “Go buy yourself a car.”

The waiter said that the man did say one other thing when he handed the envelople

Rubar said:

“When he gave me the envelope he told me he wasn’t going to tip me for a while.”

Fair enough.

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13 Responses to “Texas Waiter Gets $5000 Tip On $26 Bill”

  1. Cindy Campbell Madsen

    It is so nice to hear something that is good and uplifting in today's world. Pay
    it forward.

  2. Brent Williams

    its a nice story, but he says they gave him 5k cuz he saw the band on the money, and then the reporter says when they gave him the "check" they told him to buy a car……maybe the reporter just goofed….i'd hope none of the story is made up.

  3. Vicente J. Pazos Romero

    I dont consider it as a tip myself according to the story the employee just walked into the restaurant… and he was given the envelope… there was no service made therefore theres no tip to be accounted for.

  4. Harvey Joshua

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