Robert Pattinson at the Paris Premiere of Cosmopolis at Le Grand Rex

Robert Pattinson Rocks ‘Cosmopolis’ Paris Premiere: He’s “Not Tired” Of The Love (Very Funny Video)

Last week it was Cannes, yesterday Portugal. But today it was Paris’ turn to experience the white ‘knuckle’ limo ride that is Cosmopolis, when Robert Pattinson and director David Cronenberg hit up the City of Lights for the third premiere of their latest film.

But before all that red carpet malarkey, while he was in Paris, Pattinson made an appearance on a popular French TV show (Le Petit Journal) – and lets just say the whole thing was a total hoot.

Possibly, still delighted about the predominantly excellent reviews he received for his performance in Cosmopolis, Pattinson appeared relaxed and up for a bit of laugh on the show.

And that’s exactly what he got.

Hats off to LPJ for coming up with an imaginative idea in what must be the umpteenth interview Pattinson has done in the last 4 years. So here’s what went down.

The host – Yann Barthes – showed clips of some of the Brit actor’s past TV appearances (screaming, general audience lawlessness that sort of thing), then told the LPJ audience that this time when the “biggest star in the world” walked out, in order to “spare his ears” they had to be completely silent.

So, Pattinson – who was ‘in’ on the skit – walked out to a silent set. Giggling somewhat nervously, the actor shook hands with Barthes saying, “hey silence.” After a bit of small talk Pattinson said, “this is weird.”

Asked if it was bizarre walking out to the sound of nothing a wide-eyed Pattinson said, “Kind of, [it’s] quite frightening. I haven’t really experienced anything like that. It’s very serious. ”

Then, Barthes asked the actor he’d prefer it if the audience screamed. Sort of shyly (but honestly), Pattinson replied, “I mean, well, if you feel like it doing it you can do it, but you don’t have to.”

Cue audience clapping and whooping. Laughing, Pattinson joked, “That’s better. I – I’m definitely not tired of it yet.”

After a bit of chat about Cosmopolis, Pattinson was then shown a picture of recently elected French President, Francois Hollande.

When Bathes explained (after showing a clip of a speech by Hollande) that the new French President was elected partly because he called out ‘fat cat bankers’ and the world of finance as ‘the adversary’, Pattinson admitted he didn’t actually recognize Hollande. Laughing at himself, the 26 year-old said, “I’m incredibly ignorant.”

Pressed to talk a little more about Hollande in relation to ‘Eric Packer’ – the billionaire he plays in Cosmopolis – Pattinson said, “I don’t know. I didn’t really see him that much as a bad guy”, before adding that he thought Hollande’s [statement] was “amazing.”

Asked why, the Brit said, “Just the fact that someone was bold enough to say that at that level of politics […] everyone who’s in finance is going to hate him now.”

Politics over, the show got even more surreal. Pattinson was shown a clip of wig-wearing ‘interviewers’ as they rolled off a selection of ‘typically asked’ questions.

Out of the 18 asked, here’s a sample: 1:Are you the new Brad Pitt? 2:Are you the new Jude Law?3:Rob, are you the new Robert Redford? 4:Have you ever drank blood? 5:How does it feel to be a sex symbol? 6: Like most vampires do you only come out at night? 7: When are you and Kristen getting married? 8: How old were you when you kissed a girl for the first time?

The last question came from a man dressed in S & M gear suggestively saying, “What do you have planned after [this] interview?” At the end of it all, Pattinson joked, “That’s every interview I’ve ever done.”

Then, Barthe asked the actor to think of the most boring question he’d ever been asked. After briefly dropping his ear-piece, Pattinson pulled a mock-serious face and said, “So are you worried you’re going to be a total failure after Twilight finishes? I get asked that a lot.”

As the hilarity came to a close, Pattinson was asked if he wanted to leave [the set] to the sound of screams, cheers or silence. Laughing, the Brit replied, “I quite like the idea of leaving in silence. Maybe everyone can just hum. [actuallyhums] A dramatic exit.”

And they did.

Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg on the Red Carpet with Fun Radio at the Paris Premiere

Red Carpet interview with 100% M6

Robert Pattinson at the Cosmopolis Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex

Robert Pattinson greeting fans at the the Paris Premiere

Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg inside Le Grand Rex before the screening of Cosmopolis

Starring Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti, Juliet Binoche, Mathieu Almaric,Sarah Gadon, Samantha Morton and Jay Baruchel. Cosmopolis is now playing in France, before opening in Canada on June 8 and in the UK on June 15. No date has yet been confirmed for the U.S.

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