Braids On Men Brings #ManBraid Instagram Tag To Life With 3,000 Posts

Call them cornrows, plaits, or braids. Usually, they are a braided style for hair close to the scalp that is seen on women. However, according to the Daily Mail, that trend is changing. As such, the #ManBraid hashtag has come alive on Instagram, and so-called hipster guys are turning to the braiding trend to offer a new way to move their long locks out of their faces and do something different with their manes.

Already, hashtags like #cornrows on Instagram are filled with more than 275,000 photos of mostly women showing off intricate and elaborate styles of hair braiding. In plenty of those photos, both men and women can be seen paying homage to cornrow hairstyles like those sported by Allen Iverson. In the #plaits hashtag on Instagram, which enjoys more than 177,000 posts, a numerous amount of women can also be seen wearing a variety of braids. Some of those braids include the fishtail type of braids that sweep down, and all braids, like box braids and individual braids and more, can be found under that hashtag.

The #manbraid hashtag is different. With more than 3,000 posts falling under the #manbraid hashtag and counting, some folks are asking about feedback about the “new trend,” while some are commenting that braids aren’t a new thing for African-American men.

“Move over top knot, the man braid has arrived… What do you think of the latest in men’s hairstylings? Yay or nay?”

In plenty of the photos found under the #manbraid hashtag, the style seems to dictate that some of the hair is left loose whilst one braid runs down the scalp, like a part. However, men are wearing their “man braids” however they way as a way to tame the long locks of hair without always resorting to a ponytail.

Men with dreadlocks are also getting in on the “man braid” trend as a way to get their hair out of their faces, for example, when they want to workout. Braiding long and unruly hair is another way for a man to neaten it up for events like weddings or where tuxedos and tidy hair go together.

According to Instagram user , the man braid is nothing new.

“A lot of Black men would say that the braid has been here all along.”

Others are wholeheartedly agreeing with his observation about the so-called “new” #manbraid trend.

[Image via Instagram]