Harry Styles Doesn't Wants Sister To Date Bandmates

Would Harry Styles Let A Bandmate Date His Sister? And Would Niall Horan Play James Bond?

Harry Styles’ One Direction bandmates might be like brothers to him, but he’s not too keen on the idea of having one of them as an actual family member. Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, or Liam Payne could become Harry’s brother-in-law by marrying Gemma Styles, but Zayn Malik would rejoin 1D before Harry would let his sister date one of his bandmates.

According to MTV UK, Capital FM hosts Dave and Lisa recently asked Harry Styles to choose which bandmate he would let his younger sister Gemma date. However, Harry just couldn’t do it — he said that there’s “no way” that he would be okay with Gemma being in a relationship with a fellow member of One Direction. However, Harry isn’t banning Gemma from dating Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, or Liam Payne because he thinks that they’re bad boyfriend material. According to Harry, if he had his way, Gemma wouldn’t be allowed to date anyone. She’d be forced to become a spinster who only cohabitates with cute kitties like the one in the photo below.

As you can see, Harry Styles and his sister look a bit alike. However, the internet recently found a girl who could be Harry’s long lost twin. According to Complex, One Direction fans went wild when they discovered Twitter user @myhazbaz. As you can see, the resemblance is uncanny.

Harry Styles’ twin should probably be relieved that she’s not actually related to the singer — he’s a bit overprotective when it comes to his actual sister. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Harry Styles discovered that he can’t control what his sister does when Gemma Styles brought a date to One Direction’s Apple Music Festival concert at London’s O2 Arena. To discourage Gemma from ever making this mistake again, Harry hilariously humiliated her by telling the entire crowd that his sister was there with a mister, and he informed his fans that he wasn’t happy about the “disgusting” situation. Harry warned Gemma’s date that he better “behave,” and Liam Payne chimed in by saying that the entire band was keeping an eye on the couple.

Even though Harry Styles’ sister is quite a looker, none of the singers’ bandmates made the mistake of saying that they would be interested in dating her during their Capital FM interview. However, Niall Horan did reveal the name of a girl that he fancies: Katy Perry. To be fair, Niall was only asked to choose between Katy Perry and Harry’s ex, Taylor Swift. Niall handled the awkward question like a pro by quickly picking “KP” over Swifty.

Niall Horan also claimed that he would make the best James Bond out of his bandmates, and Louis Tomlinson backed him up by saying that “it would be nice to have a blonde Bond.” However, Harry pointed out that Niall would be a rather clumsy, slow James Bond — the Irish singer is currently nursing a fractured foot after mysteriously injuring it.

While Niall Horan is the most likely member of the band to become the next Bond, Liam Payne is the singer who is most likely to get into politics. Liam’s bandmates all agreed that they can picture Liam pulling a Kanye by announcing his candidacy for political office.

During the interview, the guys also talked about their future plans, and what they had to say should make One Direction fans very happy. Ever since it was announced that the band would be taking a break next year, Directioners have been worrying about the future of the group. They fear that the boys will decide to break up for good during their time off. However, Louis Tomlinson revealed that he and his bandmates aren’t sick of spending time with one another. In fact, they’re using part of their break to take a “lads’ holiday” together.

The guys said that Niall Horan is the member of the band who is most likely to release solo material first, and Niall quipped that he’s working on a hip-hop album with Louis Tomlinson. Harry Styles responded to this news by joking that Niall isn’t even taking a break next year.

Do you think it’s sweet that Harry Styles is so protective of his sister? And do you think Niall Horan would make a better rapper or James Bond?

[Image credit: Jason Merritt/Getty]