Girl Catches Bass With Barbie Pole: Proud Dad Shares Video That Becomes Viral Hit

A bass caught by a Barbie fishing pole is the star of a new video on YouTube, and the video footage is now a huge viral sensation on the internet. The proud dad shared the video of his little girl’s big catch on YouTube just two days ago, and more than 2.7 million have now watched the clip.

According to, the father and daughter headed out for a fishing trip together. Most father-daughter trips would come back empty handed, but that was not the case for Avery and her dad.

The video shows Avery on the boat with her dad. She is wearing her little pink life jacket and her galoshes. She does not have one of the big fishing poles like her dad, though. She has her own little Barbie fishing pole, but that was all she needed apparently.

The clip shows Avery latching on to a fish with her fishing pole, and her father starts to talk to her through the steps needed to bring the fish home. She starts to panic when the fish starts to fight her. She asks for her father’s help, but he tells her to “keep going.” Her reaction when she finally brings the fish in is priceless. What did little Avery catch? A five-pound bass that measured about 20 inches, according to The Blaze.

People are definitely reacting to this viral video on the internet this weekend. On The Blaze‘s report of the video, one commenter said, “Man…. I am on the verge of crying for the joy of both Dad and daughter here at such an innocent display of everyday parent child relations that are the joy of life we all seek to have. Such a wonderful display of healthy pride of his daughter, joy for her, and her jubilant excitement of a first time experience laced with adrenaline pumping action, peppered with fatherly love, encouragement, and guidance in a teachable moment.”

Another commenter said, “I remember my first fish caught (catfish) with my dad, and my son (LM bass). Those were some of the best times I can remember. Hope one day to see my grandson or granddaughter have the thrill and memory of them days. I’m sure this little girl sure will, way to go dad!!”

There were some cynical comments, as well. There was more than one comment that stated that the video must have been faked. Some suggested the dad caught the fish first and threw it back in for his little girl to have her moment. However, most of the comments to the video are positive in nature.

This video of a young girl and her dad showed a positive parenting moment, but you do not need to be a parent to share a moment with kids that will teach them about life. Another viral video getting noticed this weekend features an Ohio police officer taking some time out of his daily route to play with kids in his community.

A young mother, Bethany McManis, shot video of the moment on her cell phone and shared it. Paul Webb is the officer featured in the video, and he has been on the job for only two years.

McManis spoke with Fox 28 about the moment.

“To me it just showed a very humbling experience, like someone who is humble enough to get out and do something like that with the kids, I mean, they really need that. Sometimes that is all you need, five minutes, it can change a person’s life.”

With the advances in technology, families can capture more moments that they can save in more than just their memories. The moment with Avery and her father is one moment they will likely both remember for a long time. It will be a moment that Avery can hold close long after her father is gone, and the video will help her keep that memory fresh and strong.

In the case of the police officer caught by a young mother’s cell phone, it shows that someone is willing to take five minutes out of their day to show the neighborhood kids that they care and they are special.

What do you think of these viral videos? Have you ever shared similar moments on the internet?

[Photo via Twitter]