Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Company Is Screwing People Over And They Won’t Take It Lying Down!

Valued at over $1 Billion, JustFab has the prestigious honor of owning Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, Kim Kardashians ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and FL2, but it seems they might just have gotten all that success through some very hinky business practices and terrible customer service. A recent investigation shows that the company has had customers on unwanted subscriptions going back to 2004 and they have over 1,000 calls with complaints about it!

A slew of women are complaining that Fabletics and JustFab is making unauthorized credit card charges even after they have cancelled their subscriptions. Many others were not even aware of the fact that it was a month-to-month payment subscription as the site refers to it as “VIP Memberships.” Buzzfeed News broke the Kate Hudson Fabletics story and advised that JustFab cancellations are a whole different headache for customers as it can only be done by phone and the process is extremely lengthy. The supposed reasoning behind this is that emails do not always contain all the necessary information to adequately inform how to cancel a subscription properly.

Co-founded by Kardashian, ShoeDazzle was sold to Just Fab in 2013 and Kate Hudson also had a hand in the creation of Fabletics and, in fact, she is still regularly featured in their ads. The overall concept of Just Fab is that the shoe and clothing store offers members the service of purchasing special items for only $39.95 monthly. According to PopSugar though, there is a catch, if you don’t make any purchases for that month you have to remember to hit a skip button on your account, otherwise you will still be charged for that month regardless of any activity.

The twitterverse has become the ear to customers complaints against Hudson and Fabletics as they have quite actively, and in detail, spelled out all the difficulties that they have been having with the company.

Of course review sites are also reflecting the frustrations users have with the company in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. Buzzfeed’s investigation showed that JustFab’s owner, Adam Goldenberg, previously tried to play off the amount of complaints as minor figure but the reality is very, very different. Over 1,400 Better Business Bureau complaints were formally filed against JustFab from August, 2012, to the middle of last month and for some clarity on just how damning that is, compare it to Spirit Airlines — which is arguably one of the most-hated airlines in the country — only amassed about 2,500.

The Better Business Bureau revoked their accreditation in May. A spokesperson for the company is trying to gloss over the fact by claiming that BBB reviews only represent about a 0.001 percentage of the 3.5 million customers it has signed up. How many of those Fabletics customers legitimately want to be there though is the new question.

[Photo Courtesy Of Stefanie Keenan/ Getty Images]