Daniel Radcliffe Goes Bald For New Role – Sweet Harry Potter Is Hardly Recognizable With His Shaved Head

Daniel Radcliffe has taken on a new and rather meaner persona with a completely shaven head. The sweet and innocent Harry Potter is barely recognizable as he commits to being a no-nonsense FBI Agent in a new film.

Daniel Radcliffe, who shot to fame for portraying J. K. Rowling’s boy wizard Harry Potter, is now all grown up and ready to take on much serious roles. The 26-years-old star, who can rap well too, revealed his latest avatar on Google+. Showing off his new hairdo, or rather the lack of hair, he said the following.

“Hi Everyone

Here’s the first look of me as FBI agent Nate Foster in IMPERIUM. We began filming the movie this week. I’m very excited about it and will tell you more about it soon!


Daniel Radcliffe

Bald Daniel Radcliffe, who looks completely different from the sweet Harry Potter, which we have come to associate him with, did away with his luscious locks to play FBI agent Nate Foster. Besides shedding those locks, Radcliffe seems to have done away with facial hair, except eyebrows. The star is seen sporting a slim-fitting army camouflage sweater. Overall, the persona seems much meaner and rougher. The look is definitely lot different than what Daniel Radcliffe sported at Comic-Con in mid-July.

The movie Imperium, which will soon start production, will have Radcliffe’s character attempting to infiltrate neo-Nazi circles. His intense role, clear from his newly shaven head, involves stopping the construction and later deployment of a “dirty bomb”, reported Deadline.

Directed by Daniel Ragussis, known for the short film Haber, the film is actually based on Michael German, the real-life agent who was tasked with such dangerous missions. Ragussis is said to have worked with Michael German to sculpt the role that Daniel Radcliffe is expected to portray.

Radcliffe, who plays the lead, has completely shed his boyish looks for the intense drama, which circles around FBI and white supremacist militias in the U.S. It is apparent; the role will require dedication and physical alteration as well, which the actor has wholeheartedly accepted.

The actor hasn’t shied from experimenting with looks over the years. From a bowl-cut that he wore in the first two Harry Potter movies to a shaggy mid-length crop he had in the fourth, reported the Daily Mail. However, in the recent years, Radcliffe had adopted a suave and sophisticate look, sometimes wearing a beard to mix things up.

Daniel Radcliffe has been working on multiple projects, but given his new look, it is clear, how much involved he is with Imperium.

[Image Credit | Jason Merritt / Getty Images, Google+]