Driving and texting.

Hulu Plus Promotes AT&T Texting Commercial Ahead Of Apple iPhone 6s Release [Video]

If you have watched Hulu Plus over the past couple of days, you have probably seen AT&T’s commercial about texting and driving a lot. Perhaps, with the release of Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus this week, it’s a great time for Hulu to promote the very sad but educational AT&T texting spot.

The AT&T commercial begins with a horrific car accident, caused by texting, that is being rewound. You see the horrific expressions on everybody’s faces. They turn calmer as the scene gets rewound. It has a very surreal feeling. Then, the commercial plays forward as a mom in one car is texting.

“Mommy, is that work again?” the daughter in the back seat impatiently asks as her mom is texting.

Then, the accident happens and you can see the expressions of both the witnesses and victims, with soft effective music playing in the background. AT&T shows how a simple act of texting while driving can ruin lives.

“No email is worth a life,” the screen reads.

The word “email” is soon replaced with “post,” then “glance,” followed by the words “search” and “text.” It is one of the many clips used to promote smartphone safety but is — perhaps — the most effective one to date. The AT&T clip produced many positive YouTube comments.

“Chills down my spine,” commented Nathanial Palmer.

“Outstanding! Such a powerful commercial & very realistic. How I wish everyone would take notice & just wait to get to your destination then answer the call/text but many won’t. I see so many people talking on the phone, texting,” wrote keepingitsimple1.

Apple was recently named in a lawsuit because of a 2013 texting accident. The lawsuit claimed that Apple failed to design a phone that disables texting while driving. According to SETexasRecord, Apple wants the lawsuit dismissed.

“Arguing that distracted driving is an issue for the legislature and not the courts, Apple, Inc. formally responded to a federal lawsuit alleging it failed to design a smartphone that disables texting while driving and thus prevent a 2013 motor vehicle accident that claimed the lives of two women and paralyzed a young boy who overcame cancer.”

The article adds that, in a motion, Apple insists that the iPhone did not cause the injury; the negligent conduct of one of the drivers who was texting did. Unfortunately, this type of accident that caused this lawsuit happens too often, as people recklessly use their Apple and even Android devices while driving.

[Photo by Thomas Trutschel / Getty Images]