Man Fined $500 for Beheading Chuck E. Cheese Mascot

A man from Massachusetts was fined $500 after pleading guilty to assaulting a Chuck E. Cheese mascot.

Police say a 34 year old man named Trahan Pires of Fairhaven, Mass, was holding a birthday party for his 11 year old son at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant when things got a little out of hand. Pires noticed commotion around the mouse mascot and thought the man wearing the costume had hurt his son by pinning him against a video game. Pires then proceeded to grab the mascot, ripped his head piece off and yell obscenities at him.

The man wearing the mouse suit, Jessie Carvalho, told police the crowd of children gathered around him were rowdy and nearly knocked him over, so he put his arms out in front of him and walked forward to get through them. He said at no time did he try to push or grab any of them.

Witness testimony backed up Chuck E. Cheese account of what happened and the judge fined Pires $500 after rejecting the prosecution’s demands for a 6 month jail sentence.