C.J. Pearson blocked by President Obama on Twitter

Was C.J. Pearson, 13-Year-Old Conservative Critic, Blocked By President Obama On Twitter?

A 13-year-old conservative critic named C.J. Pearson says he was blocked by President Obama on Twitter, however, the White House disputes the allegations.

Pearson’s accusation prompted assistant White House press secretary Frank Benenati to tweet Wednesday about the policy of not blocking any followers.

In contradiction with Benenati’s statement, C.J. Pearson — who has more than 41,000 followers and wants an interview with the president — produced a tweet that shows he had actually been blocked by President Obama on Twitter. He then harshly criticized the account known as @POTUS (President of the United States), which is often used by Obama.

The scuffle between C.J. Pearson and President Obama started after the 13-year-old tweeted his discontent that the president invited another famous teen, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, to the White House, according to the Hill. Mohamed made headlines last week when he was arrested after bringing a clock he had built, which school officials thought resembled a bomb.

C.J. Pearson’s rants against the president haven’t been limited to Twitter. The 13-year-old uses Facebook to post his controversial videos — which have over one million views — questioning Obama’s motives in inviting Mohamed to the White House. They have received vocal support and criticism from users.

“If I were a Muslim, would I get an invite to the White House too?

“If I were a Muslim, and I built a clock, would I get an invite to the White House? Or if I was shot, would you even call my family Barack Obama?”

Pearson also posted a video Wednesday, where he responds to the White House calling him a liar on Twitter.

The outspoken teen is a staunch supporter of Florida Texas Senator and Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz and is making a push for a bid to be included, as a speaker, in the upcoming Republican National Convention. He has caught the attention of conservative cable news network’s Sean Hannity, who invited him to appear on his show.

Do you think C.J. Pearson was blocked intentionally because of his controversial accusations or his conservative position?

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