Ariande Grande and Nick Jonas star in Fox's Scream Queens

‘Scream Queens’ Creator Assures Fans One Character Will Return From The Dead [Spoilers]

Last Tuesday night saw the premiere of the highly anticipated Scream Queens on the Fox network. Drawing 4.04 million viewers, the new TV series mixed horror and humor as well as some famous musicians, one of whom died. But according to Scream Queens creator Ryan Murphy, fans shouldn’t worry about the death.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about Fox’s Scream Queens. If you have not yet viewed all available episodes, please proceed with caution.

The two-hour premiere of Scream Queens introduced Chanel #2 played by singer Ariana Grande. Chanel #2 is a member of Kappa Kappa Tau and a minion of Chanel Oberlin (played by Emma Roberts). Unfortunately for Grande fans, Chanel #2 met her end after a hilarious text battle with the Red Devil.

But have no fear, Scream Queen fans. According to the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, Ariana Grande will be back in future episodes. He told Entertainment Weekly that, while Chanel #2 will not return as a ghost, her character will return in some form or another.

“She comes back I believe in episode 6 and maybe more. She’s recurring definitely. Everyone thinks she’s gone but she’s not gone.”

Ryan Murphy also took to Twitter to reassure fans Chanel #2 would return.

Another twist saw fellow musician Nick Jonas (who plays frat boy Boone) seemingly die at the end of the two-hour premiere. However, it turns out he was working hand in hand with the Red Devil. Nick Jonas had plenty to say about his character in regard to that. “I can tell you that he is a part of the team of people involved in this master revenge plan,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “His history with it goes very, very deep.” Ryan Murphy also revealed that Boone will reappear in subsequent episodes of Scream Queens, disguised as Joaquin Phoenix. Boone will be incognito in order to spy on fellow Scream Queens characters.

Zap2It reported that Fox’s Scream Queens drew in an audience of around 4.04 million viewers on its premiere night with a 1.7 rating for the coveted 18-49 age bracket. While the ratings are not the best, the social media lead-up to the Scream Queens premiere saw 415,000 tweets on the day of its premiere, according to Deadline.

Scream Queens returns to Fox with Episode 3 (entitled “Chainsaw”) on Tuesday, September 29, 2015.

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