Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Not Getting Married, Despite Reports

Rumors have been swirling about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ relationship. Is the couple getting married? Are they headed for a split? There have been numerous reports claiming the “It” couple’s future, although neither Taylor nor Calvin have responded to any of the rumors.

After rumors claimed that Taylor Swift, 25, and Calvin Harris, 31, were headed for a split, new reports came out and said that the couple is planning to get married and have children as soon as possible. It all started with a new report via OK! Magazine. The tabloid claimed that Harris is so in love with Swift that he’s considering settling down with the “Wildest Dreams” singer. An unidentified source added that Harris is going to ask Swift’s dad for her hand in marriage.

While Calvin is ready to pop the question, the blonde beauty is ready to get married. The insider also went on to claim that Taylor is willing to settle down with Calvin as well. The anonymous snitched added, “she’s not shy about telling anyone who’ll listen that she loves him, and she’s not being coy around him either; at a recent dinner, she blurted it out and asked him if he’d ever consider marrying her!”

They’re already planning their wedding, which could cost upwards of $2 million and include 450 guests. Calvin and Taylor are looking forward to have children together. The bad boy DJ wants “to have at least three children,” since the insider.

According to the writers at the Hollywood Life, Taylor is currently traveling on her 1989 World Tour as Calvin tours the U.S. on his DJ gigs. It is likely that he has more time to plan the wedding than his pop star girlfriend. But Taylor and Calvin haven’t been photographed together for some time, which has caused some to wonder if there’s actually trouble in paradise. Even the writers at Life & Style Magazine believe that it’s too soon for Taylor and Calvin to walk down the aisle since they haven’t had the time to get to know each other.

However, a recent report via the Gossip Cop calls the tabloid rumor pure “B.S.” Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are not planning to tie the knot and have a baby anytime soon. The celebrity news site didn’t specify whether it was Swift’s team or Harris’ team that debunk the rumors, but the Gossip Cop has corrected OK! Magazine in the past for their fabricated stories about Swift.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris getting married and having children? Do you think Hollywood’s new “it” couple will last long enough to make it down the aisle? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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