Selena Gomez talks Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez Gushes About Friendship With Taylor Swift

It’s no secret that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are best friends. They’ve been photographed hanging out, and have danced at every award show imaginable. Gomez even joined Swift on her tour, and came out on stage during her stop at the Staples Center.

Fans of the pair absolutely lost their minds, because the last time the two shared the stage was back in 2011 during Swift’s New York stop for her “Speak Now” tour. That said, Selena and Taylor are good at keeping in touch.

Selena Gomez opened up about their friendship to People Magazine. Of seeing the 1989 show, she said, “I had never seen the show. It was incredible. Obviously I’ve seen every tour she’s done, but this one was insane.”

Of Swift’s success, Gomez gushed, “I’m super stoked for her. We’re in such different places in our lives, and we’ve been so consistent and we’ve stayed together.”

Selena knows that her friendship with Taylor is extremely rare, given how women are often pitted against each other in Hollywood and in the music business. Gomez said of their strong bond, “It’s very rare to have that kind of friendship. I’m just so thankful for her.”

Back in 2012, Swift talked to Access Hollywood about her friendships with Emma Stone and Selena Gomez. “I’m definitely a girl’s girl. I need to tell my friends everything i’m going through. We have these big group texts where I’ll text everyone about what’s going on in my day. One of us is in New York, one of us is in LA, another is in Nashville but we always keep in touch. It’s so important to have people that you trust.”

“Emma, Selena and I, so many things in our lives have changed over the last couple of years, but our friendship has stayed the same.”

As for advice about her career, Taylor goes to Selena for that.

And while Swift goes to Gomez for career advice, Gomez has sought out Taylor in moments of heartbreak. Gomez recently touched on her friendship with Taylor Swift in an interview with Sunday Times.

“I can count on one hand the people I could call and who would be there for me. Taylor is one of the greatest people. When I split with my first boyfriend and I was really sad about it, she flew into town with homemade cookies and a bunch of junk food.”

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