Harry Styles Hangs With Clara Delevingne And Clara Paget

Harry Styles And Cara Delevingne Reunite, Harry Rocks Pink Polka Dot Shirt And Embarrasses Gemma Styles

Harry Styles was recently spotted having a very animated conversation with Cara Delevingne, and it looks like the One Direction star spent most of their chat trying to ignore another model/actress who was majorly invading his personal space.

Seventeen shared photos of Harry Styles catching up with British model Cara Delevingne at Miu Miu and Love Magazine‘s London Fashion Week Party. Cara had Harry’s full attention while she made funny faces and hand gestures, but Clara Paget wasn’t having much luck catching Harry Styles’ eye. Paget, a model who plays a female pirate on the Black Sails TV series, was photographed casually backing herself into Harry and giving him a flirty, over-the-shoulder smile. In some photos from the Fashion Week event, Harry Styles and Clara Paget almost look like a couple. However, Harry was very careful to ignore the blonde pressing her butt up against his thigh while photographers snapped pictures.

Harry Styles might not enjoy the attention of some members of the fashion crowd, but he’s definitely a fan of fashion. According to the Irish Examiner, he tried to start a bold new menswear trend by rocking a pink polka dot shirt during One Direction’s performance at the Apple Music Festival in London. Directioners completely lost their chill after seeing Harry’s pajama-like top.

According to MTV News, Harry Styles’ little sister, Gemma Styles, just happened to be in the audience at the Apple Music Festival. Most sisters would be embarrassed to be seen with their brother if he was wearing a shirt that looks a bit like it came out of a clown’s closet, so Gemma was probably relieved that she was in the audience instead of standing right next to her big bro. However, Harry Styles found a different way to embarrass his little sis — he informed everyone that Gemma was on a date, and he told the crowd that he wasn’t crazy about his sister bringing a male guest to the show.

“I apologize if I seem a little distracted,” Harry said. “My sister’s on a date. I’m trying to keep an eye on her. They’re out there somewhere. Just behave yourself… It’s disgusting!”

Liam Payne also couldn’t resist chiming in by letting Gemma Styles and her date know that the entire band was keeping an eye on them.

“We’re all watching you,” Liam said.

It’s a good thing Liam Payne decided to speak up — Gemma’s date probably had a hard time taking Harry Styles’ warning seriously because of that playful pink polka dot shirt.

[Image credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty]