fallen deputy daughter's wedding

Fallen Deputy’s Daughter Gets Married, Officers Stand In At The Wedding [Photos]

A fallen deputy’s daughter got married this past weekend, but her dad wasn’t there to give her away or dance the father/daughter dance. However, she was not alone as several officers stepped up to make her special day unforgettable.

The photos taken by photographer Angela Lyons were posted to Facebook and have gone viral, with thousands of people sharing them on the social media and other sites. And for good reason, they are sweet and prove that police officers truly have each others’ backs when it matters the most.

In 2009, Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy, Walter “Kent” Mundell, Jr. was killed in the line of duty, according to Zap2it. The fallen deputy was injured while responding to a domestic violence call and died in the hospital seven days later, surrounded by his family and fellow officers. Despite being injured, officer Mundell was able to fire his weapon and kill the subject.

When former colleagues heard that the fallen deputy’s daughter was getting married, they wanted to do something special for the man they worked with many years. To start with, Seattle Police Detective Don Jones walked Kirsten down the aisle, like her father would have.

When the reception began, three other officers from the Sheriff’s Department took turns dancing with the fallen deputy’s daughter. The bride couldn’t help but cry and she wasn’t alone. The photos taken by Lyons are touching and reflect the love for the late deputy.

Lyons, the owner of Angela Lyons Photography tried to put into words what took place at the fallen deputy’s daughter’s wedding on her Facebook post.

“I felt these photos from tonight’s wedding needed their own album. Kirsten’s father is fallen Pierce County Sheriff, Kent Mundell. For the Father-Daughter dance, four Pierce County Sheriffs showed up to take turns dancing with Kirsten. I’m not good with words so I will let the photos do the talking…”

The beautiful photos of the fallen deputy’s daughter dancing with the officers were shared more than 5,000 in two days. According to Lyons, she was happy the photos turned out since everything was blurry because of tears in the face of such moving moments.

Even though the fallen deputy couldn’t be present at his daughter’s wedding, he was there in spirit, exemplified by an empty chair on which the family placed his uniform jacket and photo with some flowers. His colleagues certainly stepped in to make Kirsten’s day one she will never forget.

[Image via Angela Lyons Photography]