Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

Donald Trump And Megyn Kelly Still Intensely Dislike Each Other

For weeks, Megyn Kelly has been on a Trump-bashing campaign, and it looks like Donald himself is not backing down when it comes to Kelly. Trump’s Twitter feed has been quite interesting over the past couple of days.

Last week, Megyn Kelly talked about the presidential race the night before the Republican debate on CNN, and many believed that the segment was used to promote Ben Carson over Trump. A YouTube clip shows Kelly starting her show by gleefully announcing that Donald Trump is losing his lead in the Republican polls.

“But one of the big political stories today in the new polling showing a statistical dead heat now for the top spot in the Republican race for the White House.”

According to the statistics Kelly put on the screen, Trump was leading by 27 percent and Carson was in second place with 23 percent. Kelly went out of her way to tell her viewers that it was a “statistical tie.” The night after the debate, Kelly was back to dissing Trump.

“Uh-hm. I’m curious how the woman in the room going into the debate last night. Did the women like Donald Trump? Raise your hand if you liked him. No one. None of the women. But we have Donald Trump supporters here. It’s just none of the women apparently.”

All of Kelly’s guests on her show were praising Carly Fiorina, almost as if they worked for her campaign. Ms. Kelly faced a lot of backlash on Twitter.

Fox News’ other big star, Bill O’Reilly, has been a lot more objective when it comes to Donald Trump. O’Reilly has repeatedly said he thought Trump should stop taking things so personally — something that can hurt his campaign. O’Reilly also said that Trump is indirectly helping the Democrat party by making people concentrate on his overwhelming personality instead of the problems O’Reilly thinks the Democrats are causing.

It appears that the Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly feud has hurt neither of their careers as it has kept both of their names on front pages. Perhaps Trump can appear on Megyn Kelly’s show and not only work things out, but cause historical ratings.

[Photos by Steve Pope and NBC for Getty Images]